Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

Is Nick Clegg safe? Did you think he would be got rid of? Well 75% of you thought he was safe, at least for the moment. 31 of the Great British Public voted in my poll, please keep voting.

No, but he will be got rid of before 2015

I think Nick Clegg is probably safe-ish. I asked this question after Mr Gove said there was a plot afoot from Lord Oakeshott to get rid of the Lib Dem leader. The problem for Nick Clegg is he is one of only a small number of 'orange bookers' in a social democratic party. But who would replace Nick Clegg and make the coalition work. No one really. The Lib Dems don't want an election now, they'd be wiped out, and I doubt they have the funds either.

Watch out, Lord Oakeshott is about.

However, Nick Clegg is probably an electoral liability. Everyone hates him, there's a good chance he could lose his seat. I think the coalition in the last few months before the General Election will end so that the two parties can get a truly separate identity again, although Tory MPs are pushing for this definite identity as soon as possible. During this time they may seek a new leader so the Liberals can get back some sort of support. It's possible under such a scenario to go back to a level of support before the 2005 General Election with 20 to 30 seats in Parliament.

So Nick Clegg safe for now, not so in 2015. Watch out Cleggers.

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