Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Yesterday evening NUCAwent for a premiere. I put on my bow tie and went to go see Tory Boy The Movie.

John Walsh and DC
The Story is about John Walsh getting selected and fighting the 2010 general election in Middlesbrough. John is not a usual Tory, having been helping Gordon Brown before getting selected. The movie also centres on Stuart Bell the MP for Middlesbrough who is never seen. I enjoyed the Movie but I couldn't help cringing at some of what happened in an election we really should have won. It's well worth a watch if you enjoy politics.

Here is an account of the night through twitter (we used two hashtags for some reason).

Alex loved the candidate John Walsh.

But the light bulb in the screening room went very soon into the movie.

We moved into another room with microphones on the table, just like at the UN, and it was very dark.

Joseph had his priorities right though.

The movie also was rather quirky.

I liked some of the quotes though.

It was a very good movie, Lisa was disappointed not to be there.

Make sure you see the Tory Boy movie it is very good.

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  1. Glad you liked the film, do please leave a review on Amazon when you can: