Sunday, 26 May 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

Welcome to the mad house, the majority of you are swivel eyed loons. 21 people voted a good healthy number, but we can do better chaps, we can do better.

Yes, but not over Europe
Yes, but not over Gay Marriage

I too am a swivel eyed loon and proud, ladies and gentlemen. I think we do need to tackle the EU problem in this country, even if that means twisting the arms of Dave in order to get a better deal for this country. A very, very reduced Europe is about the most tolerable for most people, 90% of Conservatives want a EU which is a Free Trade Agreement and that is it really. I think it's very rich for the leadership of the party to call us loons.

Swivel Eyed Dave.

Unlike the swivel eyed loons attributed in the No.10 comment I actually support gay marriage. I do think that the overall the 'modernisation' plan under Dave is a bit unnecessary. Labour was going around calling us the 'nasty party' a decade ago for talking about issues on immigration, benefits and criminal justice. Cameron wanted us to become like New Labour and take a softer more centrist response to these issues. But this is not really what the British people want at all. More people want a conservative stance on the above issues but voted Labour than centrists who didn't vote for us in 2010. Yet we are seemingly chasing a voter base that is so small it will make us lose in 2015.

Also has the modernisation programme, to change the Conservative Parties beliefs, actually worked. None of the Conservatives in the party are going around talking about the environment or how we need to have greater rehabilitation and more care for criminals. There is a big gulf from the vast majority of MPs beliefs, let along party members, and some of the people at the top. If there has been any 'modernisation' it has been economic as many members have been hoodwinked into continuing with the Gordon Brown consensus.

To end I would like to say that being a swivel eyed loon in the Conservatives is a badge that should been worn with pride.

Vote in the next poll.

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