Friday, 24 May 2013


Yesterday I watched BBC Question Time with my great friend Super Cooper (Kieron). We were later joined by Tom Nixon and we invited others who couldn't come. The night was so fun I'm going to do a blog post on it, we'll probably make this a regular event.

Here is the Question Time super team

Kieron invited Dimblebot to come join us.

Jenny (NUCA President) also wanted to get involved.

Kieron could thus offer more than the oranges and Pepsi.

Dimblebot however could not come.

Tom also couldn't avoid the hype and came to join in.

The first thing Kieron did though was have a arguement with me about the Asian community and I didn't even say anything. (I meant attacked in the tweet by the way).

I said to Kieron later that we should now have a Question Time drinking game.

Ian Paisley was causing controversy on Question Time, although I was more concerned with his family.

Tom and I were pleased with his economic policy however.

Some fool on Question Time however thought that more tax meant more growth.

Tax avoidance and evasion were key issues though in the Question Time Team.

I didn't want to get confused between the two, ladies and gentlemen. But Vernon Coaker was trying to lecture us all on tax law.

We then did the Dimble Dance.

I was very disappointed that there was no BBC This Week however.

So that was the amazing Question Time experience. We'll hopefully bring you more from the Question Time Team.


  1. Where was my invite?

  2. Come along. Derby Hall University of Nottingham next Thursday.