Friday, 3 May 2013


2009 results (stripes are mixed ward)
2013 Results (my awful stripping is mixed ward)
Today the Tory Party in North East Cambridgeshire and Fenland got massacred. My Town and the surrounding villages are now represented by UKIP councillors, who didn't turn up for the count. Fenland and North East Cambs just has a majority of Conservative councillors.

The seats we lost were some of the safest in the entire county, with the exception of Wisbech North. The best councillors sadly went too. Steve Tierney, my now ex-councillor, was amazing. He was opposed to wind turbines, wanted out of Europe and actually did a lot. If UKIP do half as much as him i'll die of shock.

Even those we kept are either still here because there was no UKIP or by luck, there was about 20 votes in most elections. So no more safe seats across the county. 

There are a lot of reasons for this. Fenland is right wing and has lots of immigrants. But as I think this has something to do with the economy too. The Conservatives have yet to show a proper handling with very few tax cuts. There are some other local issues but the main thrust behind UKIP today was because of this. Immigration, Gay Marriage and EU, to a lesser extent. But these only mattered because our economic handling so far hasn't be that good. I hope it improves soon.


  1. You are a muppet! Cameron is the best thing you've got, right wing policy won't win the election, you'll just get royally fucked by Labour then.

  2. To be fair I don't care about short term election wins but long term stability for the party and for the country. This isn't right wing policy economically, you could get rid of the minimum wage and NI and all sorts. This is Liberal economic policy. You've been fooled to think that Dave is going somewhere on economics when really he's carrying off from Gordon Brown. Osborne uses the same advisors as Darling.
    Also I disagree it would lose us an election. If people want growth, we'd get growth in the medium term. If people want the toxic debt sorted (which business does massively) we'd get it down so much quicker. If we start now we may be fine by 2015 (we should have started earlier). If we delay it's over and we may have a Labour Government and the country is destroyed.