Monday, 13 May 2013

Wearing Out the Leather in Wollaton West

A couple of days ago I was out helping in the Wollaton West by-election. The Conservative Candidate for the seat has been selected and it is none other than ex-NUCA President James Spencer.

James is a great chap, really nice and hard working. James is eurosceptic and willing to talk about the problems of immigration which many are not. Wollaton West is a Conservative seat, about the only one in Nottingham, so this is a crucial by-election so any residents who are reading this must come out to vote on 6th June. Equally NUCA people we need your help. Any offers for telling and campaigning at any time up to and on 6th June will be greatly appreciated.

James Spencer, the Conservative candidate, taking a break from knocking on people's doors asking for issues to help solve.

So on Saturday I was doing some canvassing with Andy, members of Nottingham Conservatives, James, and Rowena Holland. Rowena is the prospective MP for Nottingham South a marginal seat which the Conservatives must win to be in government. We focussed on the houses around Appeldore Road and it went very well. There were lots of Conservatives and not too many Labour supporters, the main opposition.

We had good weather to start with but it got progressively worse, even worse than last time we went out. A proper typhoon raged over us and we were very nearly drowned near the end of the day. So we went to the pub where we saw the UKIP candidate canvassing people who were previous Labour voters. UKIP is trying to appeal to everyone and is actually being successful in bringing out people who have never voted in their lives. But we are quietly optimistic that James will get in but we will work every day to make sure so.

Everyone working hard canvassing on people's doors.

So people of Wollaton West and NUCA members get out on election day to hep bring the Tories one step closer to government. 

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