Friday, 19 April 2013

Possibly the Worst MP in Parliament

I don't usually do this but today I'm going to give a biography on a certain lady called Sarah Teather, a Lib Dem MP. If you live in Brent Central I'm so sorry that you are arguably represented by probably the worst person in parliament. There are four good reasons why this is so.

Sarah Teather is possibly the worst MP in Parliament

Sarah Teather was sacked from her job as an education minister in the 2012 reshuffle. Why may you ask? Well its mostly because she refused 5 times to vote for the Government's welfare and education policies. It is beyond belief that she was allowed to do this even once, a Tory minister would have been sacked. Clearly she is not very loyal to her party or the Government. In my opinion you should be loyal to at least one of these if you want to remain a member of the coalition government.

Second, she is corrupt. She made sure that two schools in her constituency received special treatment when their planned extensions were to be stopped because of the closure of the building schools for the future scheme. She managed to make sure that these schools had money given to them still, something that goes against the idea of governing for the whole country that a minsters job entails.

Sarah is also a hypocrite. Remember the coalition proposals of equal marriage, on the 25th January Sarah said she was 'taking PRIDE in delivering equal marriage'. On the 5th February she voted against it. A complete change from a lady who doesn't do what she says. Oh yeah and like most Lib Dems she pledged to vote for no tuition fee rises but did so. What a terrific MP she is.

Yes she did Boy from Brent Central

Lastly, but most important in my mind, she is stupid. Yesterday she was on Question Time and she implied North Korea would decommission its nukes. Furthering that point she said "I fear it will end up in an arms race." Well my dear Sarah we've been in a nuclear arms race for over 60 years now, have you not noticed yet. This was shown in her time in government as well, whether you agree or not with the policy, she could not tell anyone why EMA should be scrapped. Instead she virtually said it shouldn't be, despite it being her job to implement the EMA reforms. Does that make sense? It did to Sarah Teather.

So Sarah please resign and give the people of Brent Central the relief of having another MP serve them. Even Lib Dem members grown at the sight of you in the media. Maybe you should get a new career in comedy. 


  1. If you ever get elected as an MP I'll leave the country, You're some sort of right wing nut case who seems to know all at 19 years old and looks down upon the normal man. She isn't perfect but you'd be no fucking better.

  2. If I were an MP i'd not have experience and would make mistakes. But I am not corrupt and will not lie so many times over serious matters. We are all human and make mistakes but Sarah Teather has made lots. I don't know it all, I never will we continually learn and actually I think it's huge jump to say I don't know anything about people when you havn't met me.

  3. Elliott my dear boy, for one that so violently sodomises basic grammar and syntax, it seems rather bold of you to call anyone 'stupid'. Your argument lacks fluidity and I lament the fact you do not seem to know when to use an adverb. I think you'll find that it is 'lastly, and most importantly'... and that other MP's 'groan' upon seeing her. Your futile declaratives conjured up images of Nick Clegg sprouting two feet when she enters the room.

  4. Thats a low blow to go on about my grammar, I try hard you know and I am engaging with debate that is always good. I have seen other MPs groan at her and i've been told this is true by Lib Dems so you know I'm not just being hyberbolic.

  5. On what grounds are you not being hyperbolic, you're article's title, 'possibly the worst MP ever', would suggest otherwise. Your argument is flawed and based on opinion and not fact.

    Which arms race have we been involved in for the last 60 years? because I have heard little about it. If you are somehow implying that we were and still are in the Cold War then you seriously overestimate the importance of Britain on a global scale. Just to clarify for you there Elliott, the USSR no longer exists. The down-scaling of nuclear arms in the 1980's in both the East and West and the fact that Britain has only ever been a minor player in an essentially American war would also go some way to contradict your ludicrous affirmations.

    So me lad, I suggest you pull your grossly over sized nose out of the Daily Mail, research the facts and then let someone tell you that your insidious jibes at MP's are base and futile.

    You seriously overestimate you're standing in society and your rants are nothing more than the excretions of your over-inflated ego.

  6. I should have been clear on the that one sentence not being hyperbolic. They literally do groan, I actually know a Lib Dem who does it whenever she is mentioned.

    This is my honest opinion based on the facts that she has lied, been corrupt and been very disloyal (but still wanted and kept her job). On the Cold War issue don't get me started there is a massive history and political debate about that. Essentially it ends up with the argument that we are in a constant arms race with our enemies. The fact that the USSR has collapsed makes no difference and Russia probably isn't even engaged with it anymore. I'd point to all the military technology being produced in China now. Don't forget they were cold war enemies and were never defeated.

    Please don't troll me. I worked hard on my blog. I try to make it fun to read and interesting. But also makes people think and want to have their say maybe. The fact you have replied shows that It has worked. I could say that my ego is nothing like you imagine, but that would just be tit for tat. Just don't be nasty.