Friday, 12 April 2013


Well it's that time of year again and we have to make sure we get our Tory Councillors re-elected to their seats. I am helping out Sam Hoy and Steve Tierney, in Wisbech North and Roman Bank and Peckover respectively. They are both great Councillors always in contact with the locals and getting things done for them.

 Steve canvassing in Gorefield

Yesterday I was first out in Gorefield and Leverington in the morning canvassing and delivering leaflets for Steve. Steve does excellent work as a councillor holding surgeries every month and getting issues sorted. His most recent spate of local successes have been over children's play equipment and roads, which are in dire need in of more funding.

We got a very good response on the door with lots of Cs, a few Ps and only 1 S and W. We also managed to talk around Tories who at first said they'd be voting UKIP, I believe 'ex-Torys' wish to vote for them grudgingly. Steve shows a real Conservative edge of wanting to leave the EU and have a referendum now, stopping the migrant and Brussels problem in one.

Steve Barcaly helping both Steve and Sam in the heart of Wisbech North

Later that day we were joined by our MP Steve Barclay to help in Waterlees, in Wisbech North. Sam Hoy is facing a 4 way duel between Labour, UKIP and Ex Labour but now 'truly Independent' Virginia Bucknor in the ward.

We wanted to test out the alleged claim that Virginia seems to believe that she had 100% support from the streets nearby her house. So Steve Barclay and I paid a visit to these streets, the results were good. There were some Independent support but there was none on two roads and only a few on one. I was very pleased with that result with more Conservatives than Independents, it looks like the Conservatives have more votes than the all the opposition. I think Sam can win this and it is nice to see her MP thinks she is so good that he will personally come out and help. It will still be a tough fight though and I recommend to Wisbech North to vote for Sam.*

Inside the Imperial

To end the day I decided to get fish and chips. Where from? Well good old NUCA Tresurer's, Jenny Who Jenny's, Imperial Fish an Chips. Her Parents even put up a poster. Your parents say 'Holla' Jenny.

Jenny is voting for Steve, are you?

* The Independent Candidate has got very upset because we have said something that she does not like and so has tried to censor me. What a bastion of free speech she is. I would like to say that all the opinions on this blog are mine (obviously) and any claims on this Blog are either mine or that of residents in the County Division (not local Tories).

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