Friday, 19 April 2013

The Fight Against The Real Conservativism

Isn't ironic that the most conservative of all ideologies is socialism.

Conservativism (as a small c ideology) is essentially the slow procession of change from one thing to another in attempt to preserve what is good about the present and past. Socialism is about preserving life of the working class in a way where there is no change. Essentially a system where there can be no advancement and where the class system is rigid, with the working class at the bottom and the elite old boys at the top. There is no movement there can be no prosperity. No wonder the rich and the so called 'illiberal' elite favour such a system, there is no chance of them being budged from their positions. Being conservative, as in the adjective this time, by not wanting any change is exactly what socialism represents.

'Conservatives of the World, unite'

We in the Conservative party, even the ones who would not even think this applies to them, are class warriors wanting to bring about freedom and change for the better of all people. The only disagreement in the party is the rate this takes place. But I think we're getting closer to some broad area where this should lie on that.

Conservatives of the world, unite against the socialist oppressors and fight for freedom against the Labour Party.


This article is backed officially by the International Socialist, an american online newspaper. Even Socialists admit they are grinding the face of the poor and not capitalists (see