Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Independent's False Claims

Letter to the editor of the Wisbech Standard

“I have watched the Independent Councillor in Wisbech lay claim to policy and action, that has not the faintest to do with her, with some amusement. I have noticed she is claiming to have been some sort of driving force on upgrades to the A47. This could not be further from the truth. This Council’s involvement with the A47 Alliance predates her predatory attempts to claim credit by some years. The A47 became a focus during the Wishech2020 project – again nothing at all to do with her.

It was driven forward by the Council Leader, Nick Clarke, and by the local councillors Samantha Hoy, Simon King and Steve Tierney. The new North Area Highways Committee was proposed by those same local councillors, and the only reason Virginia Bucknor might be invited onto the committee was because those same local members thought that participation by non-Conservatives would help make the issue non-political and drive it forwards faster.

It seems to me that Virginia Bucknor is very good at claiming credit for things other people do.”



Ian Bates

County Councillor Cabinet Member for Growth, Planning & Infrastructure

I've noticed that too Ian.

Cllr Sam Hoy and Steve Tierney are helping upgrade the A47

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  1. To be accurate we're just trying to point out that the A47 is a vital link to open up the East and that the government should give it priority. We're supported by the Cambs county councils and other county councils as well as a number of activists from other parties and none. Sadly, because its election time, people feel the need to try and "lay claim" to things. Once election time is over we can hopefully get back to all working together for the good of the town again.