Sunday, 28 April 2013


I found out that I have been blocked by Virginia and Mike Bucknor, the two Independents councillors in Wisbech's Waterlees ward. Virginia is also standing as County Councillor for the area against the cool Conservative Cllr Sam Hoy. I don't know why, I'm not nasty to them and have never tweeted at them.

I follow them because I'm just interested to see what the opposition are doing. But they couldn't have blocked me for that because their accounts are public. I can see what they say.

It must be something to do with my previous Blog Posts criticising them during the campaign (see and It's not like I'm lying about them. Nor am I waging a hate campaign against them. I'm a student who gets on with more important things, like drinking and playing games on my computer, but has an occasional interest in politics.

I don't think this is a normal thing to do to those who oppose you politics but not you personally. I follow Dean Reeves, the Labour candidate in the upcoming elections, and we are very pleasant to each other. I've worked with him on the Town Team and although I don't like his politics, and I have criticised that, we are friendly and I follow him on Twitter.

It seems that both the Bucknors are acting in a very bitter way. They don't like what I say so refuse to like me or allow me to follow what they are saying. Not a very decent way to act, especially as both Virginia and Mike are Cllrs who should know better.  This goes completely against what Virginia says she stands for, her Twitter says that she is an 'advocate for non partisan politics'. I think she is being hypocritical.

There is some hearsay that Virginia is being nasty to the electors too. One woman has complained that she had Virginia knock on her door to canvass support but after saying she would vote for Sam was completely disrespectful, to both the woman and Sam. Virginia said that "wow you are the first person to say anything nice about her", when she was told the woman supported Sam because she is hard working. Then Virginia said "I find that hard to believe" then laughed and walked off afterwards.

This is not acceptable really. Elections can do strange things to people but a candidate shouldn't be rude to a future constituent nor lie about an opponent.

Just to correct Virginia, Sam has a lot of support because she is genuinely a nice person and good councillor. Sam has done so much saving the Town Park toilets, getting a multi million pound investment in local drainage and resurfaced Mount Pleasant and Osborne Road. Lazy is not a word that can be associated with Sam. Virginia should not be telling people lies about her, but promoting herself instead. People much prefer positive politics.

Sam is working hard for Wisbech North and has done so much, Vote for her again.
Maybe Virginia's campaign is in disarray and she is panicking? It would explain why she has reduced herself to dirty underhand tactics that only she is using. It may be that Virginia has got a bit of a nasty streak, I hope not. Whenever I speak to her apart from a recent incident (see she has been decent. Campaigns can bring out the worst in people, clearly it has done here. But 'by their deeds shall ye know them', and it's likely that under any stress she can be very aggressive. Is that the sort of person the people of Wisbech North want as a councillor? I think not.

Virginia and Mike, please unblock me on twitter, apologise and don't be so nasty. I am only 19, there's nothing to be scared of.


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