Monday, 25 February 2013

You ‘Great Supine Protoplasmic Invertebrate Jellies’

The Socialists of London have kicked off today by trying to stop Boris passing his budget. Essentially because Boris is an elected mayor he needs two thirds of the members of London Assembly to have his plans voted down. The Conservatives are only 1 seat away from anti-Boris Labourites, Illiberal Democrats and Green Autocrats actually being able to join forces and stop these votes.

Unfortunately for Boris one Tory member was late to the assembly meeting today, which was crucial in passing the £16.5 billion budget for London. So the opposition tried an opportunistic coup to stop the budget and voted to skip Boris’ question time in order to move quickly to the budget vote. However, this didn't quite work as you can see in the video as the Tory member dashes in at the end. The budget did pass.

Boris called the members of the assembly 'great supine protoplasmic jellies' and rightly so for their lack of political scrutiny on matters. Of course this is just politics and they don't like Boris or his budget that will grow London. This failure to stop the budget has been hailed as a victory by Jenny Jones, a Green Assembly Member with eco-maniac with communist tendencies. Bit odd that, weird concept of victory.

To me this could be seen as a growing confidence in Britain's Left boosted by success with the work programme and tax evasion, notably of Starbucks. All of these of course were brought to the attention of the public of the Socialist Workers Party who went into places of work and protested so that no business could take place. Of course there is also the action against all government cuts and this seemed to be the main focus of budget problems for Boris as he is having to close 12 fire stations in London. But it’s actually tough times. I’d rather central government shaved more off welfare than having to close fire stations but because it seems politically impossible because of the Liberals and a very confused George Osborne. Boris has taken the only right decision to make cuts.

N.B. I thought the 'supine' was a Latin grammatical term till Boris said this.


  1. The way you talk about people with left wing views makes you sound like a spook from the House of Un-American Activities in the 50's

  2. But it is great to see that comments need approval... can't have anyone publicly disagreeing now can we?

  3. Well they are hardly centre left in the London assembly. They have a good history of this in the past. Give me time and I publish all comments that arn't nasty.

  4. "growing confidence in Britain boosted by success with the work programme"
    Would be interested to see where this is coming from, the back to work schemes have been either very ineffective (the companies running the back to work schemes across large areas of the UK have often actually worsened chances of a job) whilst the government keeps changing the boundaries for "unemployed" to reduce the numbers. Yes, this did happen under Labour too, but it's increasing pace by far now,

  5. I was talking about the success of the Left in stopping the work programme and the confidence it gives them. It does follow on from the other paragraph but I should have made it a bit more obvious.