Sunday, 24 February 2013

Liberal Democrats, Lying Here

In Eastleigh the Liberal Democrats have been trying to tell the electorate mis-truths about the Botley/Boorley Green housing development. It’s in their nature after all to be so conservative with the facts. Don’t forget the Liberals have a good history on tuition fees and now with Lord Rennard. Mr Clegg has now, despite the opposite being said earlier, come out and said he knew about he knew about his peer’s roaming hands.

The people of Eastleigh are quite rightly worried about the housing development of 1400 houses. This has been debated to the cows come home everywhere else so I won’t write about whether they should build it or not. However there has been a lot of Liberal spin and lies over the issue. The biggest mis-truth currently being told by Lib Dem activists on the doorsteps is that it is not the Liberal Democrat District Council who decided to build the houses. Actually planning, and thus building homes, are dealt with at a District Council level, which in Eastleigh is controlled by the Lib Dems, who have every seat. Indeed the candidate for the Liberals is a district councillor and thus partially responsible for the development. The Liberals however have tried to spin the issue and say that they are ‘protecting the green gaps between our towns and villages’. This is clearly not the truth if you are building on the countryside.

And on that point of protecting the countryside are the liberals good at it in general? It would seem not. Lib Dems are big wind power fans and want them built in greater numbers. Chris Huhne, being the Secretary of State on that matter, loved them. But as most people who have to live with them notice, in Fenland there are seemingly several thousand, they aren't exactly appealing in rolling fields. Also there is a lot of environmental damage done by the 1,000 tonnes of concrete underneath each one of them in order to stop the windmill from falling over.

We saw such Liberal care for the environment ourselves when in Eastleigh.

Liberal Democrtas, Littering Here. Don't mention that this is waste too.

So people of Eastleigh don’t listen to the lies. Vote Conservative, Vote for Maria Hutchings.

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