Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

Last Orders, Ladies and Gentleman, Last Orders! And now the bar has closed. Let’s tally up the takings for tonight. Well pretty comprehensively you do not want to see the government introduce any sort of minimum price on alcohol.

  2 (8%)
yes, but at a lower level
  1 (4%)
 21 (87%)
  0 (0%)

This is the right decision on so many levels. Firstly this is a tax and essentially, as with any tax, the money could be better spent on other things. Also this is going to affect poorer people/students the most as they will spend more money on alcohol which essentially isn't the best thing as they need to spend money on living as well. Essentially the Government has put a tax on certain forms of enjoyment, it seems only knitting and reading books are the only proper ways to enjoy oneself in Britain now.

Also this won’t stop the ‘alcoholics’ either they’ll still drink the same amount they’ll just go bust quicker. The sad thing is is that people with alcohol problems can end up in huge debts and the Government is just speeding this process up. We need people to be more accountable for their own health. The Medicare system in Australia, the best health care system in the world according to the WHO, has a better record on this. You don't need to stop free health care to have some sort of accountability.

Vote in the next poll I’m doing a blog post on it too.

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