Sunday, 10 February 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

The lobbies are closed. The votes are in. There were no abstentions. On the question of whether people are in favour of gay marriage the ayes have it, the ayes have it. The full results are below:

  18 (81%)
No, favour civil partnerships
  2 (9%)
No, favour no gay relationships
  2 (9%)
  0 (0%)

I was expecting a result similar to this, it is very broadly representative of what the country thinks. Most polling data has between 55-70% of the public supporting gay marriage, depending on how the question is phrased. Obviously there were slightly more votes in favour of gay marriage in this poll due to most of readers of #thingselliottsays being young students. The % of people favouring no recognition of gay relationships is however very close to the actual view of the public.

I support Gay Marriage, however I personally don’t think you can be wrong on a matter of consciousness, which all human rights are (marriage being one of them). This is mostly because it’s not based on facts but personal emotions. However facts that are used against or for gay marriage may be contested as wrong; I have previously wrote about this .

I have included as a picture a map of the UK constituencies with the MPs voting record on gay marriage. Lillian Greenwood, the Labour MP for Nottingham South which contains UoN campus, did vote in favour of this bill. However my home MP Steve Barclay of North East Cambridgeshire abstained because he was on paternity leave (cleverly arranged most likely). For all those Nottingham Students who live in Beeston or are mad enough to walk several miles and live in Trent Bridge, Anna Soubry MP and Ken Clarke MP both voted in favour of the Bill.

(keen students of counting will notice this polling info doesn't add to 100%, there has been some electronic rounding). Please vote in the next poll.

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