Saturday, 2 February 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

Well we decided to run the EU referendum 4 years early and see how you would vote if the poll was next week. 16 of you voted and these are the results.

Stay in the EU
  12 (75%)
Leave the EU
  4 (25%)

How very wrong most of you are. We must unfortunately leave the EU.

I bet no one who voted to stay in, unless your name is R Thurscargill, actually thinks the EU is the best it could be. I personally would like to stay in the EU because it is in theory a Single Market with trade agreements in Europe. However the EU is declining and find it very difficult to trade with anyone else because we have no control over our trade policy. Trade is so important. If we are actually going to be great in the World we must be allowed to trade with everyone. Otherwise the UK will just be a part of managed decline which is not good, we’d move backwards not forwards.

Leaving the EU is also not to say we will not have free trade agreements with Europe. Remember they trade with us too, they are as dependant on us as we are to them if not more so. Outside the EU we will actually have a better relationship. We’d have complete freedom ourselves on trade but still trade in the union. Outside the EU we will actually grow into a great country, now we’re slowly getting worse. 

I've done a lot on the EU recently so, unless its in the news again, I won't mention it for a while. Make sure you vote in the new poll.

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