Saturday, 9 February 2013


This is what happened at Port and Policy last night told through the tweets.

At Port and Policy we make sure that everyone who makes a point is respected.

We had special respect to the 'interesting' ideas of the ex-treasuerer of the Nottingham University Labour Party, Anton.

(#ShutupAnton was the second most popular tweet of the night after #portandpolicy). Anton however returned the favour.

  I personally countered many points made by the Loony Left of Nottingham as Alex records.

Jamie, as recorded by Andy, also made sure the debate concentrated on what really mattered.

 With our drinking we made many toasts, the first one to the Queen of course but then ...

We then after drinking the port/wine we went to the after-porty at the Brass Monkey and then to the
many clubs in Nottingham. I think no one sums up better what we all thought of port and policy than our own President, Big Cheese Barlow.

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