Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Exclusive: Sarah Jane comments on #emailgate

Sarah Jane Sewell has released a statement to #ThingsElliottSays commenting on #emailgate.

Matt Robinson has recently been involved with an email scandal in which many have accused him of using a central database of CF member's emails to contact them to canvass their votes. Rumours about Sarah Jane's involvement about this are not true as she has never been on a slate with Matt Robinson, she has only signed a piece of paper with him. She wishes to release this statement to dispel any rumours that she is involved with #emailgate and out of unhappiness to the apparent actions of Matt Robinson.

This is what she has said: "I do not have access to the Conservative Future mailing list, I have never done. You would have all received a lovely email from me if I did - but I don't, as I said in the hustings in the Old Bank of England, I do nit [sic] have access to Merlin, or the email lists for security reasons. Hence why I rely heavily on Facebook. If the National exec want to send a mass email to all members  it is done via CCHQ. I want to put a stop to any accusation of false misconduct. It is actually impossible to circulate something you don't actually have. I would like to point out that I am an independent candidate. I am not on a slate. Happy voting everyone :-)"

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  1. Sarah-Jane the best candidate for the job, and far less annoying than #TeamJasmine. She has a great track record on social action and branch creation across the country.

    I think she certainly deserves your support, and has been about the only person to have fought a positive and clean campaign - despite having a couple of personal issues recently. She is the kind of person we need in CF to ensure it isn't just a 'rich after-school club' and actually does something!