Friday, 23 August 2013

George Galloway Blames Israel For Syria Chemical Attack

In my opinion George Galloway is one of the most despicable men in Parliament. This is the man who attacks the free state of Israel for being an oppressive regime and backs brutal dictatorship in Syria and the government of Iran, a dictatorship in all but name. Its' no surprise that Galloway takes the side of Iran and Syria.

So what has his questionable morality led him to do now? Well of course he has attacked Israel for the chemical attack in Syria on Iranian state TV. To Mr Galloway, despite evidence pointing fully at Assad, Israel are to blame.


  1. Israel IS a despicable regime if you are a Palestinian. It steals land and resources from people who have lived there for many generations on the absurd notion that there is a God and he is an estate agent and therefore such ethnic cleansing is justified. Galloway is no angel but the people currently peddling Iraqi Lies Redux are far worse. Oild, gas and regional hegemony are the orders of the day.

  2. The Palestinians are just as bad with settlements outside of areas of Palestine and they attack the Israeli's first generally. The situation is a lot more tit for tat than the media makes out. We also as a country gave Israel legal sovereignty over the land too and we the international community recognise them as the legal owners of the land. The situation although with many oil and gas links is also do to a long standing alliance between Israel and the USA.

  3. Israel is like the abused child growing up to become the abuser. Britain's role in this is lamentable, when Lord Balfour in 1917 GAVE Palestine to the Zionists - who is Britain to give someone else's country away to a third party?
    The "settlements" you refer to, do you mean hellscapes like Gaza? and you refer to "areas outside of Palestine". There is no Palestine it was destroyed by Zionist ethnic cleansing after WW2, Ashkenazi European Jews who had NO history of any kind with Palestine.
    The world is sick of the lies and deceptions of war mongering Israel, allowing us and the dim Americans to do their fighting for them, so costly to us in blood and treasure.

  4. Very unfortunate, however not unexpected that people choose to raise the israeli-palestinian conflict at a time when an arab leader is killing thousands of his own people. Regardless of this alleged chemical attack, syria has been in turmoil for almost 3 years. There are refugees in there droves fleeing to neighboring countries, civil war seems to be raging and countless sectarian atrocities going on across the arab world. It is high time those pointing the finger of blame on Israel take a good look at the fractured, murderous societies in many arab states and accept that to be an arab in Israel is far safer and less life threatening than it is to be an arab of the wrong sect facing daily bombing and violence in a struggle for power across a number of arab states. Why is it acceptable for arabs to kill each other in the thousands of attacks/bombings across the arab and muslim world without consequence or condemnation and yet somehow persecute the israelis for being the cause of all that is wrong in the region. Does anyone believe that if Israel did not exist or once a Palestinian homeland is created that the tide of killings in the middle east would cease?