Saturday, 24 August 2013

B J Woodhouse

Will Boris Johnson stand to become PM? This is the political question that follows the Mayor of London everywhere he goes. But after several months of detente between Dave and Boris, some political pundits are coming to the conclusion that Boris will never challenge the PM and may stay as the Mayor of London. But all those theories have been blown out of the water because Boris now says he wants to pursue a career as a romantic novelist under a P G Woodhouse pseudonym.

 Boris now wants to become a full time author.

Boris is currently in Australia and, as well as backing Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party against the socialists of Oceana, opened the Melbourne Writers Festival. There it was reported that Boris said he "may take up my pen. I would love to write a genuinely brilliant, rip-roaring airport book."

In Boris' novel the 72 Virgins there is a 'hapless member of parliament' who rides a bike.

Boris has already written many books from autobiographies to histories and science fiction to a political comedy which contains a 'hapless member of parliament' who rides a bike. I wonder who he based that character on? I have read Boris' book 'Johnson's Lives of London' and I rate it pretty highly.

 I recommend this book highly. Go buy it.

Boris said in Australia that "Romantic Fiction ... could be next" where he would write under the Pen Name of Rosie M. Banks, a recurring P G Woodhouse character, and that his book would have "sinister-looking orchids on the cover ... In a trance, you will buy this blockbuster ... and I hope to be somewhere quietly raking it in."

So there we are, we now know why Boris has recently said that Dave will be PM for a 'very long time'. Make sure you buy Rosie M. Banks' next book. 

 Dave is very happy that Boris has announced to take up writing full time.

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