Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

Red Ed is going to have to make a tough choice soon because he wants to reshuffle his cabinet. So short of getting rid of all these useless pillocks, you would choose Ed Balls to the one to go first from the Shadow Cabinet. This was closely followed by Chuka Umunna the Shadow Anti-Business Secretary who is supposed to criticise Vince Cable, the current Anti-Business Secretary.  Douglas Alexander and Yvette Cooper will sleep soundly with knowledge that they will not go if it was up to the masses as to whether they should keep their jobs.

 Red Ed: Who should I fire to take the attention off my obvious failings?

Who should most be sacked from the Shadow Cabinet?

Ed Balls
Harriet Harman
Douglas Alexander
Yvette Cooper
Sadiq Khan
Stephen Twigg
Andy Burnham
Liam Byrne
Chuka Umunna

Total votes: 18

I don't think Ed Balls is really the worst in the Shadow Cabinet on performance. Ed Balls hasn't done what Labour really need at the moment and that is to put together the basics of an economic plan which sounds reasonable to the public. The public could except a plan which increased levels of spending in certain areas if a commitment to spend the same as the Coalition was made. However, Labour want to keep on borrowing out of the twisted economic experiences of Ed Balls and that's a major root of the problem for Labour's unelectability. But Ed Balls at least does something, and although it's not very good it is broadly left wing. The Unions are at least happy with Balls, even though he is a balls up.

 Ed Ball's economic message is patchy at best.

The person I think should get the sack has done nothing since becoming Shadow Home Secretary. Yep, none of you voted for her, but I would sack Yvette Cooper. She received the most votes of all Shadow Cabinet Ministers at the Labour Party Conference yet what has she actually done? She's criticised the government over the riots blaming it on cuts before they took place. And what else after that? Theresa May has tackled Abu Qatda. What did Yvette say? Nothing. Immigration has been a big topic for the Home Secretary where, despite immigration currently down by a third*, there have been lots of mistakes. But not a peep out of Yvette Cooper.

What Yvette Cooper is is a great disappointment. Someone who should be a key member of the Shadow Front Bench, but is actually as important to the Labour party as Ken Clarke to the progress of Euro-scepticism. Despite all the hype she has done bugger all. 

 The Great disappointment.

In my opinion this makes her worse than Stephen Twigg whose opposition to Coalition reforms is also non-existent. It could be this is because they're super reforms, which I believe is actually the case. But that means that if you want a good education department vote Conservative. This is obviously not the message that Stephen Twigg wants. But his saving grace from being the worst member of the Shadow Cabinet is the fact that there is no hype around him, he is expected to perform averagely at best.

 Even Stephen Twigg is surprised at how bad he actually is.

So there you are, if you're reading Ed don't look to Great Balls Up as a fall man choose his wife as the first to be fired from your socialist squadron. He won't fire her though, he's too weak.

 All voters need to know about the Labour leader.

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*Note I say currently because lots of Romanians and Bulgarians are about to take a permanent holiday in the UK.

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