Monday, 12 August 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

 'And now its time for a result, I can see the returning officer move to the front'

"As the future returning officer for the constituency of the United Kingdom I declare the results are as follows:

What do you think will be the outcome of the next general election in 2015?

Conservative Majority.
Conservative Minority.
Conservative Lib Dem Coalition.
Labour Lib Dem Coalition.
Labour Minority.
Labour Majority.

Total votes: 42

Therefore a Conservative Majority or a Labour Majority (which ever way you like to look at this one) has been duly elected to serve."

This was quite close actually, very much like how 2015 will be. Just more of you think that during the 2015 General Election the Conservatives will win in some shape or form rather than the Labour Party. This is a vast improvement in optimism for a Conservative Majority compared to the last time I conducted this poll way in the dark old days post Eastleigh by-election and before the Budget (see Back then only 5% of you thought the Conservatives would win an outright majority.

 Things are looking better for the Conservatives than in February and March.

So what does this tell us? Because this blog is of the Tory persuasion its shows a heightening in the mood of the Conservative Party and guess why that is? Yes the economy, see last General Election weekly poll lowdown for my prediction that the economy was key. If the economy does particularly well George Osborne is in for a real treat as well because it means the deficit goes down faster with greater tax revenue. However, we are still nowhere near removing it by 2015, as he said in 2010. Many in the party will say the best laid plans and all that. I on the other hand think we should still start pushing for these bigger cuts to free up business even more.

 Things are looking better for Gideon and his economic plan.

But there is a word of warning over this 'economic boom'. It's not actually here yet and is likely to be smaller than everyone at the moment is seemingly making it out to be. Perhaps, during silly season, the Tories are a bit too optimistic. The polls are getting better and Labour are losing argument after argument but we haven't got the full public confidence which is needed to start thinking in positives. I now believe we can get a majority in 2015 but we really need to have a greater amount of positive economic figures. Growth is good, but to be able to solve the main crisis of deficit and debt would be better. This is one of the things that could convince the doubters in the country that the Conservatives are up to the job, these are the people who are supposed to be our core voters as well.

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