Thursday, 8 August 2013

Breaking News: Labour Campaign for Wrong Ward in By-Election

Swindon Labour have been trying to really hard to live up to their new catchphrase of 'double the coverage'. However if you live in Haydon-Wick ward in Swindon, where a by-election is taking place today, you will have noticed the absence of the Labour Party. In all their wisdom, which is not much, Labour have mistakenly campaigned in the wrong ward so they now have 'no coverage'. What plonkers.

The Local Conservative Team working hard in Hayden-Wick ward, unlike Labour.

This is a key ward to hold for the Conservatives on the Swindon unitary authority as they have a majority of 1 at the moment. Please come out and vote for the Conservatives, the candidate is Oliver Donachie who is a hard working local man who will serve the area well.


We won. Bet Labour are kicking themselves for not campaigning in the right ward. Here are the results.

 Tories - 1376- 49.6% (-2.1%)
 Labour - 887- 32% (-5.5%)
 UKIP - 426 15.4% (+10.8%)
 Lib Dems - 83 3% (+0.2%)

Very well done to Oliver Donachie who I am sure will work hard.

Update 2

Photos of the night from @ellie_vt

 New Cllr Oliver Donachie with his biggest supporters.

 Crowd pleased at Oliver's election.

 Tory supporters, lots of them, not many Labour.Wonder where they are?

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