Friday, 30 August 2013

Eric Pickles' Holiday

I like Eric Pickles. As the Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities he has overall done a good job. From saying no to the student bin tax (see to the one in one out policy on regulations. Eric is a proper Tory, who has made few mistakes and some great decisions that save us money and bring about better local councils. His battle for truth and justice with Nottingham Council proves this beyond doubt. So a big thumbs up overall to Eric.

 Eric spending some great time in the Florida jungles.

It seems I am not the only fans of Eric Pickles because university students James Johnson and Daniel Falvey, both Tory supporters, have taken Eric for a holiday to America. Or rather they have taken a near life sized card board cut out of Eric. James said "he has a lot of gravitas, and he's a funny man. What better way to spice up our American road trip than bringing along the man himself?"

What can I get you Eric?

Eric giving a speech to a packed house in the US.

The pair have taken him right across the states from civil war battle fields to beaches in Florida. They plan also to take him out to casinos in Las Vegas. Let's wish Eric good luck at the tables.

 Eric on the beach, wearing clothes sensibly to avoid sunburn.

Eric taking a chillaxing tip from Ken Clarke.

You can follow the progress of Eric's holiday at

 Eric with his good friend the alligator hunter in the swamps of the South.

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