Saturday, 10 August 2013

What is Labour Up to?

Does anyone actually know what is going on in the Labour Party at this moment? I don't, someone must do? Have you heard from Ed Miliband at all since the summer recess? No, neither have I. But what of the recent left wing media offensive? Oh yes, it has been on the Labour Party for not being left wing enough. Which kind of sets the tone really for what a Labour Government would be like. Its going to add nothing to the country except debt by carrying out leftie crack pot initiatives.

Labour should be on the attack at the moment if it wants to win the General Election. But its not. There aren't any policy announcements. Before the recess of Parliament it was already going pretty badly as Labour seemed to announce policies, then change them, then edit them again, then finally remove them altogether all in a week. No wonder that Red Ed is lying low at the moment when usually the opposition will be on the offensive. 

Red Ed has also probably learnt a lesson from the only policy he has come up with since July. Ed recently announced he wanted the 'scandal' of the existence of zero contact hours to be ended. Then somebody pointed out to him that these people have chosen to work under these conditions, that they often choose to because of flexibility, and thus this is not a case of employers brutally oppressing the masses like you will see in all socialist handbooks. Most importantly however is that the Labour Party in councils it controls use zero contact hours. So way to go, if you don't want zero contact hours don't vote Labour, they use them.

This is all you need to know about Ed Miliband. 

It's almost no surprise now that Labour Shadow Cabinet Ministers are having a go at Red Ed. Instead of doing nothing over the summer recess, Andy Burnham, you know the Shadow Health Secretary who when in government under Brown covered up 13,000 deaths in the NHS, has said "Labour needs to put its cards on the table" otherwise it could end in electoral defeat if people are not convinced by Labour "not much beyond spring." So there we are a party not happy with its leader and a maximum time scale set for Ed Miliband to try and get into a winning position, can they do it?

  No wonder Andy Burnham is sad, he has just seen the cliff Labour are about to drive over.

To make a change however all the leftie newspapers are on the attack. But they're are attacking Red Ed from not doing a good enough job, like Andy Burnham. Take a recent Polly Toynbee article on the care system 'Labour promises the total integration of health and social care budgets locally. But that can't be done when one system is free and the other paid for ... can Labour devise a universal care system?'. This doesn't look like great support from the left's media over Labour's plans of trying to stay as close as possible to coalition policy without the Unions dropping their funding.

Is Polly Toynbee going to even vote Labour in 2015? The Green Party is always a viable alternative Polly.

But where do they think Labour should be heading, well Polly answers that too. She says in the same article 'The nervous in Labour's ranks remember Tory gravestone posters at the last election, warning of Labour's "death tax" over a similar plan for a levy for a national care service. But doorstep evidence suggests it was a popular policy.' This is very interesting because it essentially says that Labour should return to the policies of tax everything, a lot. So Labour have two groups of people now moving them towards the Left. The leftwing media who convince a lot of their voters to vote for Labour and the Trade Unions. All of them are pushing them to the position of borrow even more than Labour actually want to and start running the UKs economy into the ground. 

 Labour policies are currently being pulled leftwards by the leftie media and Len McCluskey, head of Unite.

So what is Labour up to, except for the obvious over going to add almost £3000 of debt to every person in the UK? the short answer is who knows. The long answer is that all its supporters and even some of its MPs are attacking Ed Miliband and he can't even string a decent policy together. All we know is that under Labour the debt will be going up much more on all the stupid stuff they'd spend it on. 

Want to know what is going on in the Labour Party atm? Don't bother asking its leader.

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