Friday, 9 August 2013

Exclusive: Polls Show CF Chairman More Popular Than Ever

Recent polling conducting by Mo Metcalf-Fisher shows that, under analysis, Oliver Cooper has increased his popularity whilst being CF Chairman. #ThingsElliottSays has had exclusive access to the full results tables of Mo's survey and can show some the trends in the way CFers voted.

First off is the fact that Colonel Cooper has increased his popularity in CF. Do you may remember back in March Oliver won the position of CF chairman with 443 votes or 59%? If you can't remember this, too drunk in celebration perhaps, click here for the CF election results. Anyway, when analysing the table of data it is clear to see that Cooper has now increased his popularity from 59% to 60%, an achievement Dave could only dream of.

However the real figure is likely to be greater than this for, when unanswered results to 'good' or 'bad' opinions are left out. Oliver Cooper then has a 'good' rating of 65% from members of CF, a 6% increase. Oliver has also won over many of his opponents in the elections because 29% of those who voted against him in March rate him as 'good' or 'great' as a chairman.

Oliver Cooper is now 6% more popular than he was when elected Chairman with a whooping 65% of support from CFers. He has even managed to convert a sizeable portion of his critics.

In closer analysis It is clear Colonel Cooper is very widely popular amongst all ages. The Chairman is most popular with those between the ages of 16 ad 18 with 64% approval rating and least popular with 25-30 year olds with 52% popularity. Regionally there is also some difference with most regions coming out in favour of Oliver Cooper. However, the North West is the only region where the majority view Oliver Cooper negatively with 47% saying he is a 'bad' chairman compared to 40% who believe him to be 'good'. This may be because, if sources on TBG are to be believed, Rob Manning, who has a lot of influence in the region, has 'lost confidence in Oliver Cooper's leadership'.

Colonel Cooper with the troops at a Chairman's Chicken Chat. No prizes for those who can tell us where the chicken came from.

And speaking of TBG, there are some other interesting blogging statistics. 51% of CFers believing TBG is by far the most negative blog and bad for CF. However, if you are in the 12% minority that believe TBG is good for CF you are four times more likely to view Oliver Cooper as a 'bad' chairman. There is certainly a high degree of bias amongst readers and commenter's on TBG against Oliver Cooper. Just shows how representative the self proclaimed voices of CF are. 

One other thing that is noteworthy is that #ThingsElliottSays does not appear on the list of options for Blogs *Sobs*. Oh well, I am sure that when the next election comes I'll definitely be well known enough for Mo to put me on. 

Cheers Mo for doing this poll. You'll be heading Ipsos Mori any time soon.

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