Friday, 16 August 2013

Ed Miliband's Manifesto

The big question at the moment on the lips of the nation, including Labour Party members, is what does Ed Miliband stand for? We just don't know.

Historically speaking, a successful opposition leader should not show all his cards and design all policies two years before an election. It would be unfair to demand Ed to do so. But voters need a broad idea of how Ed would govern if he were to be PM and thus Ed should decide upon tactical policies or give signals of what directions he will take. 

Does Red Ed even know what direction he is going?

Has Ed done this? Of course not. He is too weak and feeble to actually decide to decide. He is either not saying anything at all, which is his current strategy, or wobbling all over the place like a jelly only half set in the fridge. Indeed there is often so much wobbling we actually don't know what he stands for as he is seemingly pulling in every direction on the same policies. Red Ed will be pleased to know that 63% of voters are clueless about him and 2/3rds of Labour members don't want him as leader.

 Ed Miliband probably needs three more years to decide what to do. Shame he only has two.

Ed Miliband really needs to decide whether broadly his time as PM will take Labour leftward or to the common ground and the beliefs of the swing voters. Ed for example is getting the Labour Party to campaign against the 'savage benefit cuts' of this Coalition Government most notably on the 'bedroom tax'. But Ed has actually backed the removal of spare bedroom subsidy and says, tacitly, he will back all government cuts proposed for 2015/16. So where does he stand? Do you know?

 Is Ed Miliband going to make a promise, misquoting Tony Blair, to be 'Lefter, than Left'.

Because of this lack of clarity in Red Ed's own ideas it's up to senior left-wingers to decide what Labour stands for. Chris Bryant is bringing back 'British jobs for British Workers' and Poly Toynbee has even wrote Ed's next manifesto for him (see below).

But really who knows what Ed is up to. His manifesto at the moment can be bought only from the Conservative Party shop (see Its full of all of Ed's policies and so contains 240 blank pages. It is a recommend buy from #ThingsElliottSays. 

Ed Miliband has policies???

I don't know how Ed excepts people to vote for him when no one has any real idea what he would do. He has till spring to do something however, that's what his senior Shadow Cabinet members say. 

 This is all we know about Ed Miliband.

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