Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Egg Miliband

The Breaking News at the moment is Ed Miliband has been egged whilst campaigning at East Street market in Walworth, South London.

Early reports say the egger released a volley of eggs and shouted "Labour and the Tories are the same, on the side of the rich" and "I would only vote for your brother". What's the odds that this person is a member of the Shadow Cabinet?

Photo from the Sun of Miliband with egg in his hair.

Impact! Pretty good shot.

Michael Deacon got egged as well. Opps.

 Video of the last time Ed was egged, way back in 2012. 

The egger did an interview with Sky News after the egging which can be seen here. His main grievance seems to be the demonising of the poor and that Ed is only looking after the bankers.

The Egger is Mr Dean Porter. He seems to be enjoying himself.

We'll keep you updated.

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