Monday, 7 October 2013

A Concerned CFer

I have been approached by 'a concerned CFer' about the stories published on #ThingsElliottSays about Sarah Jane Sewell. Personally I think this news story has run its course but if people want to come to me and state their opinion on Sarah Jane standing for CF chair they can do. If I am able to offer a platform of free speech then I personally think its wrong to deny people that. 'A concerned CFer' asked for an interview from me and this is his response.

Concerned about Sarah Jane.

Q) How much experience have you had with CF?
A) I joined in March 2011. Campaigned in the County Council elections and 2 by elections.

Q) What did you think of the CF elections?
A) The campaign ads were putrid. For those who continue in pursuit this agenda of campaign ads and coups they need to get a grip. I joined on the premise of what John Major said "the Conservative party is a family. it is a broad open and welcoming family." People should be more focused on unity and achieving progress locally not sit back and complain, acting immaturely because they didn't get their way. The debates were good but was surprised that there were no debates South of London.

Q) What do you think of the behaviour of certain people on the national executive?
A) After national elections I assumed that everyone would settle their differences and start implementing their manifesto pledges to benefit CF members. The very point of why they're elected in the first place. But this hasn't taken place with some executive members. What annoys me even more is national exec members are not getting about around the country. P.S London and party conference does not count!

Q) What do you think of Sarah Jane Sewell in general before she announced she will stand as chair?
A) I was sceptical. I voted SJS and have heard nothing of her progress. Once she was elected she should have been professional and worked with whoever got elected, like them or not. Sarah Jane should have settled her differences and worked with the national executive to achieve something otherwise it's a waste of time members who expect this and also expect those who hold national posts to do this and get around the country.

Q) What do you think to me releasing SJ's text which she sent to around 30 CFers?
A) You have reported something which has CF interest. It's annoying that these stories appear but the frustration lies with professional people who end up creating these stories. You're just the messenger.

Q) Will you be backing an SJ leadership bid?
A) HELL NO. This is for 3 reasons. Firstly, People need to focus on what they can do with the current incumbent. Secondly, the current incumbent has a lot of support. Lastly, You shouldn't be complaining about the CF chair if you're not getting about and around the country.

Q) Want do you think it is best for Sarah Jane to do now?
A) She should apologise on the issue of standing for CF Chair. I wouldn't stand against Oliver Cooper. I 100% back the incumbent because of what he has done for my area. But I'm not for or against any individual person.

Q) Will this saga have a real effect on CF?
A) No, it shouldn't do.



  2. As you have well noted I did support SJ in her election this year. However she has sadly become a hindrance and not a help to CF. Very sad.

  3. I'm the true 'A Concerned CFer'. Not this fake 'A Concerned CFer'.

  4. I'm Spartacus!