Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Weekly Poll Lowdown

These are the results of the short #ThingsElliottSays after Conservative Party Conference. It seems that people have been listening to Jerusalem too much and are dreaming of the post 1945 socialist idyll painted by Clement Atlee. 37% of you believe the land of hope is socialist whilst 31% of you believe it to be Tory. Note also that this poll received a lot of votes; let's keep it up.

The Land of Hope is ...

A Separate Scotland
Bongo Bongo Land
Yellow, and boring

Total votes: 62

For once I must whole heartedly agree with Dave. The land of hope is Tory.

Why is that so you may ask? Well with 1.4million new private sector jobs we have certainly brought back a lot of hope, as well as income, to many people and families. With a lot of these people who are now working coming off long term benefits it has brought a better life for those stuck on the dole. And for those who are stuck on the welfare trap the work for dole programme will be there to give you the experience in meaningful ways to give you an extra step up. If you don't believe me look to the USA where unemployment in New York decreased dramatically. 

We now have a lot to hope about for the standards of living. A Tax cut of £700 for 25 million people is a base which we have built upon with other extras to make people's lives better. What's even more with an economy which is the fastest growing in the West living standards are increasing, as well as jobs.

And what of houses? The first time buyer can now look to aid from the government with the help to buy loan scheme so that we can truly get people mortgages to live in their own house. Right to buy for council tenants has also been brought back by this government. Arguably more importantly banks are being returned by this government from state ownership to public ownership, it is becoming easier to get a loan or mortgage every day.

So there you are, a lot of things to look forward to for the future without being at all complacent from the Conservatives. The next few months will be slightly easier but it will get better and you can judge us on this at the next General Election.

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