Friday, 11 October 2013

Exclusive: Nottingham Councillor says 'Shame' Students Live in Lenton

Nottingham's Council are well known for not being friends of students. It's no surprise then that Cllr Mohammad Aslam, who is the Labour Councillor for the student area around Kimbolton Avenue and Lenton Boulevard, said it was a 'shame' houses are being converted for students to live in.

Cllr Aslam said "Nottingham Council overturns every application for HMOs [Houses of Multiple Occupation*] in the Lenton Triangle but sometimes these are overturned by central government, which is a shame." Cllr Aslam explained to me that, despite Nottingham Council's policy to refuse all student houses, appeals put forward by landlords are sometimes successful, which causes the Council frustration. 

Students not welcome.

Indeed this was clear in the recent Nottingham Labour Autumn newsletter proudly boasting 'your local Labour councillors put a lot of work into opposing any more HMOs'. Another councillor said on the Labour newsletter because "there will be some new occupants this year so we will need to be vigilant again. Rest assured, despite the setback, we will be opposing any more HMOs in the ward". This is the same newsletter which featured Nottingham Labour councillors praising a driver's 'considerate' parking of car when it was on a pavement

Why is Nottingham Council so against students? It's mostly electoral pandering to those who vote in the Lenton area. Many people there do not like students so to win votes the ruling Labour Party opposes student housing.

I think it is wrong to discriminate students here just to study and enjoy Nottingham. Not only this, but Nottingham University provides £520 million to the local economy. This figure also doesn't count the students themselves who choose to spend their money on food, clothing and Jager Bombs. This is a significant boost to Nottingham.

Nottingham Labour isn't very positive about the asset of University Students.

Also, where else can we live? Nottingham Council thinks that the student population should live still in purpose built student accommodation to keep us away from other people in Nottingham. This may be halls on Campus or the private halls like Nottingham One.

Halls is a good year first experience, but after freshers its even better to get your own house and receive even more freedom. It's no wonder then that the private Halls are failing. The Nottingham One campus, run by Opal group, called in the administrators, no wonder when it charged £112.80 a week for the most basic rooms.

Looks nice, but costs way too much to consider.

I profoundly disagree with Nottingham Council on Student Houses. I don't think students should be terrorising neighbours but equally students shouldn't be persecuted and have attempts made against them living where they choose. Students can only stop this however if they get out and vote to end Labour anti-student tyranny. 

Nottingham Labour's current website shows they're not doing anything for students, or anyone else for that matter.

*The legal jargon for student houses.


  1. No need to be over-dramatic... This 'tyranny' has not had any tangible effect on actual students outside of your make-believe world of socialist oppressors. The Council oppose new applications, so what? There are more than enough houses here anyway.

  2. They're pretty terrible so tyranny is not that far off. For example they play divide and rule with government cuts across the country and say they will fine people who do not register to vote of up to £1000 (of course they can't do that they're just terrifying the public).

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