Thursday, 10 October 2013


Yesterday Colonel Cooper appeared on BBC Three's Free Speech, the youth (and worse) version of Question Time. The CF Chairman in my opinion did very well, much better than Chairman Hao who said people should get over the deaths of thousands of people in 9/11. Cooper was very good on education and proved very well why we should keep zero contract hours. But what did you think? Here is the Twitter account of #YesOliver.

There was lots of support for #YesOliver, some perhaps too keen.

Sadly there were also some other socialist oppressors of the masses appearing too. Laurie Penny is everything wrong with the oppressive Left, Julian Muppet (as he is well known as in Cambridgeshire) signed up to a lot of  Laurie's ideas and Katie Hopkins was right often but as mad as usual.

Overall Oliver did very well because, as he says, he was very SOUND.

It is thus fair to say Oliver's performance was well liked, but not just for his #sound ideas.

Before we kick off however we must mention that BBC Free Speech gave others a chance to shine.

The first of the debate was on zero-contract hours and Oliver did fairly well I showing that these should be kept because only 16% of people think they don't get enough hours. They are a good way for people to work.

Next was the education debate. Oliver spoke well against communist poster girl Laurie Penny who was doing down Michael Gove the saviour of children up and down the country.

Next was drugs. The Colonel is famous for being a libertarian but what would he say on drug policy? Wisely Cooper doesn't talk about stupid things about drugs policy because in reality no one really cares that much. There are more important areas to reform.

And so with all the debates over the results from a poll of who preformed best was released, don't ask me how this is measured it seemed pretty arbitrary at some points.

 Some people however disagreed.

I think Oliver was very good for Conservative Future let's hope our 18,000 strong group continues to grow.

But let's not rose tint things Oliver did get some stick from those who said #NoOliver.

Never would have thought Colonel Cooper would be called a hack and accused of following Dave completely.

 It's not that arbitrary considering how all benefits revolve around the age of 25.

Work for the Dole in Australia and America led to a drop of over half in the unemployment rating. Compassionate Conservatives are helping young people get the experience to get jobs.

Very odd concept of privatisation when schools are free and use state money. Sounds nationalised to me. Also I do hate incoherent Leftie attack lines, at least get the bare minimum of facts right.

Another classic Leftie line, "it's Thatcher's fault". Why don't we talk about dumbing down of GCSE's over a 13 year long Labour government which was pointed out as being to the determent of children recently by the OECD.


The hard core libertarians also got restless with Oliver Cooper.

So there you are. Oliver did very well and thus I am saying #YesOliver.

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