Monday, 29 December 2014

CF Astounded By Warsi's Controversial Israeli Tweets

Baroness Warsi, the former Conservative Party Chairman and Foreign Office Minister, has today controversially tweeted again about Israel and inter faith relations.

The outrage centred on her claim of 'vitriolic attacks ... from people self identifying as British Jews'. Warsi resigned from her post in the Foreign Office due to the Governments stance against the Terrorist organisation Hamas. She has also caused further controversy on Twitter when she attempted to justify the murders of Jewish people by terrorists.

Normal CFers have reacted with surprise at Warsi's comments. Sam Betz from the University of Kent also said 'Her support at all levels of politics has totally collapsed, and I think she’s the only one “shocked” by that. If you choose to side with a genocidal terrorist organisation over a liberal democracy, don’t be surprised when the people they want to murder don’t want to be associated with you any more.'

George Highton from NUCA told #ThingsElliottSays 'She shouldn't be surprised that she's come in for criticism. Her actions are appalling ... using her resignation to undermine the Middle East's only democracy. Her whole tenure as chairman was a farce.'

Baroness Warsi has also been condemned by leading Conservatives. Mark Clarke, who set up RoadTrip2015, posted on Twitter his reaction to Warsi's 'bizarre' tweet. This was greatly retweeted by journalists, CFers and other leading politicos on the centre right.

National CF Chairman, Alexandra Paterson, has also shown disapproval at what Baroness Warsi had tweeted. She told this blog 'Ordinary activists will have been appalled by her [Baroness Warsi's] comments over recent months.' She further stated referring to Mark Clarke's tweet 'the reason that Mark has created one of the strongest movements in the party is because he is in touch with activists as much as she is completely out of touch with them.'

Theodora Dickinson, the South East CF Chairman, has also backed Paterson telling #ThingsElliottSays 'I'm pleased to see senior members of the Conservative Party speaking out against Warsi's attack on the democratic state of Israel. She claims to have fought against anti-semitism, and to be a supporter of the Conservative Friends of Israel, but she has proved herself to be a reprehensible hypocrite.'

Further criticism also came from the Middle East studies director for Parliament Street, Stephen Hoffman, 'she has offended many people including Jewish people who do not think that high profile politicians should be spending their day job justifying terror attacks against individuals by groups like Hamas just for being Jewish.' He further added 'If Sayeeda wants to improve her relationship with the Jewish community she could start by apologising.'

It doesn't look like Baroness Warsi's tweets and her views on Israel have gone down well with the youth members of the Conservative Party.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Shapps Gets It Right - Get Rid Of The Non-Campaigners

Grant Shapps has got it right. Get rid of the non-campaigners.

An internal spat has erupted today in the Conservative Party when two of Theresa May's aides were dropped from the Conservative Party's candidates list because they did not campaign during the Rochester and Strood By-election. Their excuse, of not going because they were unsure of whether their role in government clashed with their role in Conservatives, was weak. The Newark by-election had previously proven that parliamentary aides can campaign for the Conservatives in their spare time.

It is likely that Mrs May's aide's just couldn't be bothered to campaign against Mark Reckless. Hardly the hallmark of a good Conservative Party activist never mind someone who wants to be a parliamentary candidate. Shapps is absolutely right to kick out those who don't want to bring about a Conservative majority government by hard work on the ground.

Shapp's tough but fair action contrasts with his predecessor Baroness Warsi who launched a 'purge of the right wing' on the Conservative Party candidates list. This was a stupid idea to 'purify' the Conservative Party resulting in only kicking out of great talent.

One of those right-wingers removed from the list by Warsi was Mark Clarke, who stood in Tooting at the 2010 General Election. However, Clarke went on to create the fantastic RoadTrip2015 movement. RoadTrip2015 has seen mass activist days across the country with up to 600 campaigners help out in target seats. Road Trip, along with Team2015, is seen also seen as one of the main reasons for the Conservative victory at the Newark by-election. RoadTrip2015 is and will continue to play a key part in the Conservatives attempt to form a majority Government.

Clarke was in agreement with Shapps actions earlier today on Facebook. Merit should come before being puritanical about Conservative ideology.

Warsi got rid of a lot of the hardworking campaigners during her time as Party Chairman. It is good to see that Shapps is encouraging campaigning, promoting talent, and getting rid of the deadwood.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Ed Miliband - 'Labour Party Lady'

Anger came from Harriet Harperson today after ITV revealed that she was not the top women in the Labour Party. ITV News introduced the leader of the Labour, Ed Miliband, as the 'Labour Party Lady'. In other words the most senior woman in charge of the party.

Ed Miliband also showed his leadership image off to its full potential whilst being interviewed by ITV.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Happy Birthday Baroness Thatcher

Happy birthday Baroness Thatcher. Britain's greatest peace time Prime Minister would have been 89 today. People up and down the country remember her free market radicalism which led to a revolution in Britain for all people. Margaret Thatcher was a capitalist working class radical.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Another Day At The Lib Dem Conference

Another day at the Lib Dem conference, another waste of time. The Lib Dems are really improving on the success of yesterday's conference. Will Cleggers keep his seat?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Clacton RoadTrip [Video]

On Sunday the Conservatives struck back at Douglas Carswell. Over 150 Conservatives activists braved the heavy rain to campaign for Giles Watling, who will hopefully replace Carswell as MP for Clacton on Thursday. We reached all parts of the constituency canvassing residents and delivering patriotic leaflets to the people in what is a very beautiful part of Essex. The weather was the only downside, but whilst UKIP stayed in doors the Conservatives worked hard. Let's hope all this effort pays off.

Over To The Lib Dem Conference Hall

Says it all about the Lib Dems. Can things get better than 6% in the polls?

Exclusive: Conor Burns MP - Lady Thatcher Never Supported UKIP

Conor Burns, Conservative MP for Bournemouth West, yesterday told a group of tory activists that Margaret Thatcher never supported UKIP.

At a dinner after a RoadTrip to Clacton Conor Burns said “Margaret Thatcher was a Conservative to her fingertips and wished nothing more that our party in General Elections and good governance to the United Kingdom. And to anyone who speculates that Margaret Thatcher might have had sympathy for another political party, I tell you categorically she did not."

Conor Burns was a close friend Lady Thatcher and is well respected on the right wing of the Conservative Party. #ThingsElliottSays exclusively filmed this speech.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Conference RoadTrip [VIDEO]

At Conference the Conservatives didn't just party. Around 750 activists went out to the seat of Birmingham Northfield to deliver thousands of surveys on behalf of Rachel Maclean, the amazing Conservative candidate in this marginal seat.

It was a great, sunny afternoon where we put in lots of work to make sure the Conservatives take Birmingham Northfield as well as build up the momentum to form a majority government. The Labour party does not have this campaigning momentum. During their conference a similar campaign day in a target seat had only 23 activists. Pitiful compared to 750 Tories in a large amount of coaches.

David Cameron is so pleased with #RoadTrip2015 he stopped by to give his thanks for all our work. The Prime Minister is so pleased that thousands of Conservatives up and down the country are prepared to travel hundreds of miles to bring about a majority Government.

Enjoy the Video.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Exclusive: Recording Of Mark Reckless Saying He Will Attend The Birmingham RoadTrip Hours Before He Resigns

#ThingsElliottSays has been exclusively sent an answer machine recording of Mark Reckless MP saying that he will join hundreds of other Conservative Party members at the Birmingham Northfield RoadTrip on the first day of Conservative Party Conference. Reckless left this answer machine only hours before he defected to UKIP.

Does the man have any principles?


#ThingsElliottSays has also found this tweet from yesterday.

#ThingsElliottSays On TBG

#ThingsElliottSays is back on TBG reporting about the progress of the national CF executive. #ThingsElliottSays puts forward the argument that a revolution has taken place in CF. All in all these next few months will be the best CF will experience since its inception. You can read the article here.

Friday, 26 September 2014

CF Conference Agenda Launched

With #CPC14 fast approaching the national CF exec have launched a guide describing what's hot for those looking for a good time at Party Conference. You can view the guide here.

Great events highlighted by the CF national exec include the CWF midnight reception, Boris speech, and Freedom Fizz with Jacob Rees-Mogg and Liam Fox. There will of course be the free but vinegar like wine available for all at the vast majority of these events.

Alexandra Paterson, the national CF Chair, has told #ThingsElliottSays "With this new National Executive, we decided to bring fresh ideas to CF. Ideas and plans that were expected of CF for a long time. When it comes to Party Conference, we are here to ensure that our members have the best experience, whether it is their first time or if they are regular. This guide will hopefully help CFers organise their diary and enjoy conference even more."

CF is starting to cater for the needs of CFers.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Fresher's Fair At UoN

#ThingsElliottSays has been helping at NUCA's stall at the University of Nottingham's Fresher's Fair. Overall it was a really good few days with lot's of new fresher's signed up and they are eager to experience a port filled evening of debating on Friday 3rd October.

Our stand, by far the best of all the political societies in #ThingsElliottSay's biased opinion, was pretty busy throughout. It was well decorated by pictures of Mrs Thatcher, Boris, the national flag and later a picture of Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich*.

The Lib Dems were also out in force, trying to save their society from near collapse. #ThingsElliottSays' house-mate, Seb the Lib Dem President, was on the stall constantly trying to sign up enough members to keep his group affiliated with the SU. Only time will tell to see if it has worked. Good luck.

The Greenies were also there. For all their recycling mantra they had the most paper on their stall and binned the most things after the fair ended. They also got very angry with Labour telling them "You should be ashamed, you're splitting the left-wing vote." The last time I looked Labour were the largest left-wing party Greenies, mind you facts are not their forte.

They did have a very funny sign though.

And then there was Labour. Most of their committee is pretty nice, #ThingsElliottSays love's the banter. Lab Soc members are always welcome to NUCA Port and Policies and to join the society to get cheaper attendance rates. It's always better where the Tories are.

*This was to make up for Labour not displaying a single picture of their dear leader. #ThingsEllliottSays wonders why this is.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Exclusive: Harlow Labour PPC Falsely Claims Thatcher's Legacy On Apartheid Was 'Shocking'

The Labour PPC for Harlow has falsely claimed on Twitter that Thatcher's legacy on 'Apartide [sic] was shocking'.

Suzy Stride, who Ed Miliband wants in the House of Commons in 2015, has said this despite a great deal of evidence that Thatcher was very much against Apartheid. Nelson Mandela and Thatcher had a very good relationship on the world stage, for example. There are documents that show Thatcher lobbied for the release of Mandela in the 1980s. Furthermore, Mandela went on the record and said of Margaret Thatcher “She is an enemy of apartheid… We have much to thank her for.”

I wonder what the rest of Labour think of Suzy's false accusations of Margaret Thatcher.

It is surprising and shocking that a Labour PPC holds such 'shocking' and false views on Margaret Thatcher. It is even more disturbing to find that Suzy is a major player in Labour as she gave a speech at their conference this year. How much further will the Left's hatred of Thatcher continue into the land of nonsense? Even the Guardian believes that Thatcher was anti-apartheid.

Suzy Stride's statement has been challenged on Twitter:

Perhaps Suzy Stride should publicly apologise on Twitter for her shameful and incorrect comments.

A public apology is needed.

Share A Coke With ... ISIS

#ThingsElliottSays will pass on sharing a Coke with a villainous terrorist state.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Nicola Sturgeon MSP Has A Makeover

The BBC have revealed today the massive news that Nicola Sturgeon has had a makeover as it gets closer to voting day for the Independence Referendum. I wonder what Nigel Farage is doing to beautify himself?

Sunday, 14 September 2014

CF Rally To Save The Union


CF is gathering at Trafalgar Square tomorrow evening for a rally to save the union. The national executive and several other massive unionists will be there to try and convince the Jocks to vote No to independence.

Alexandra Paterson, the CF national chair, has told #ThingsElliottSays "As someone from Scottish heritage this referendum is particularly important to me. I truly believe that we are better off together."

Full details are available on Facebook.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Exclusive: CF Strategy Team Announced

Alexandra Paterson has announced the wider CF strategy team which will help bring the Conservatives to victory in 2015 and also make CF a very successful organisation. This among other future plans for CF were decided last night at the 'most successful national executive meeting ever'.

Paterson exclusively told #ThingsElliottSays "Following on from last night's successful National Executive and Leadership Team meetings at CCHQ ... the following appointments to the Strategy Team:

NUS Officer: Eimhear Macfarlane
Training Officer: Ben Woodward
CF Women: Aisha Vance-Grimard
Constitutional Officer: Simon Harley
European Relationship Manager: Laurence Chacksfield
Social Action Officer: Sarah-Louise Cooper
Forward Planning Officer: James Price
Universities Officer: Calum James Stewart
Postgraduates Officer: Hamish Stewart
Fundraising Officer: Cordelia Roberts Evans
Internal International Events: Jon Wilson
Young Professionals: Michael Bull"

The last position for the national executive was also announced with Hannah Rawbone being appointed as the campaigns officer. Hannah exclusively told #ThingsElliottSays "I am thrilled to be part a great CF national executive. I’m confident under the leadership of Alexander Paterson we can take CF from strength to strength, recruiting more members and campaigning in seats that need our help. In an election year it is crucial we continue to campaign on the issues that really matter; telling as many people about our long term economic plan and playing our part in securing a conservative majority in 2015."

In the opinion of the majority of young  Conservatives #TeamPaterson has got off to a great start. One CFer has told #ThingsElliottSays "This is most likely to be the start of an era of CF doing something. An idea kindled by Oliver Cooper and realised in Alexandra Paterson. Like Margaret Thatcher and Keith Jospeh perhaps, but with more KFC."

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Catching Up With Jane Hunt

#ThingsElliottSays have been catching up with Jane Hunt and the Nottingham Conservatives.

For the past few weeks we have been leafleting and completing local surveys in Leen Valley to hear from residents' views. #ThingsElliottSays is pleased to say that the locals are very supportive of Jane and have also raised a lot of important issues which need solving. The worst part of this whole thing is seeing how quickly the daylight is disappearing in the evening.

Jane has also launched her new website. She is so far focusing on three main campaigns. Jane's 'pot hole patrol' has been very popular. A lot of roads in Nottingham are in need of repair, in many places the Victorian cobbles are showing through. The Conservatives in Government have recognised the problem and have give an extra £617,446 to Nottingham to help.

Jane has said "Investing in Britain’s roads and infrastructure is a key part of the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan to secure a better future for Britain – and this is just one part of that. By fixing Britain’s roads the Conservatives are supporting local businesses, and making life that bit easier for the hardworking people in Nottingham who rely on them to get around."

Jane is also campaigning to get rid of the horrendously unfair Workplace Parking Tax that was introduced by the Labour City Council. This is not only causing business problems, which in turn effect wages and the amount of jobs, but is also meaning employees are often having to pay for parking at their own workplace. How unfair.

Jane has also come out in support of Robert Halfon MPs campaign to 'Stop the Hospital Car Parking Rip Off'. Jane and Rob Halfon is campaigning for hospital car parking in the UK to be free. Hospital car parking fees often effecting the most ill in society and are outrageously priced. The QMC has been highlighted as one of the worst hospitals in the country charging £4 for the first hour. This needs to stop. Jane has thus wrote a letter in the Nottingham Post saying "I am a supporter of reform of car-parking charges at our NHS hospitals, and recent events show we are seeing the change required."

Rob Halfon MP is backing Jane and her campaign in stopping outrageous charges at the QMC.

Monday, 8 September 2014

#RoadTrip2015 to Harlow

Whilst half of CF was at the EYC conference this weekend the real Conservatives were out campaigning for the great Robert Halfon MP. #Sound. The re-election of Rob Halfon is very important to the RoadTrip crowd because he is genuinely an amazing local MP and national campaigner. A true right-winger and someone who cares.

Newly elected CF Deputy Political Chair, Stephen Canning, was getting ready for a long day out helping Rob.

People had come far and wide to help out Rob in Harlow.

We were out again delivering copies of the Harlow Sun, which keeps all the residents up to date with the good news going on in their area. Rob had some great quotes in the paper from the Prime Minister saying how much of an asset he is.

Lunch in Harlow didn't disappoint, it was one of the best that has been had on a RoadTrip. There was also some great cakes.

Rob then gave a great speech thanking us all for coming. Rob is one of the kindest MPs in the country and he showed this over lunch.

And then we went out for the all important photos.

The photos outside were greeted by supportive beeps of horns from a number of drivers who then waved at us. Everyone wants to keep Harlow blue and Rob as an MP.

Sam and #ThingsElliottSays also got a special photo with Rob for Jane Hunt in Nottingham South. Jane has come out and backed Rob's great campaign to 'Stop The Hospital Car Parking Rip Off' and Rob has kindly offered help. Thanks Rob.

It was then off to do more campaigning for Rob in the afternoon.

There were however some naughty gnomes spotted in Harlow by activists.

And then to the pub.

Thanks goes to the organisers and Rob Halfon for putting on a great day for us all.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Exclusive: Robert Graham EYC Gaffe

South West CFer and Boris look a like, Robert Graham, really enjoyed the EYC conference this weekend. But the long conference seemed to take it out on dear Robert as he fell asleep during the 'fascinating lecture on the EU'. Robert was then called out and was shown up in front of the whole conference. I'm sure he has been taking inspiration from Ken Clarke.

 Keep up the branch creation Robert.

Photo courtesy of Frank Manning.