Monday, 8 September 2014

#RoadTrip2015 to Harlow

Whilst half of CF was at the EYC conference this weekend the real Conservatives were out campaigning for the great Robert Halfon MP. #Sound. The re-election of Rob Halfon is very important to the RoadTrip crowd because he is genuinely an amazing local MP and national campaigner. A true right-winger and someone who cares.

Newly elected CF Deputy Political Chair, Stephen Canning, was getting ready for a long day out helping Rob.

People had come far and wide to help out Rob in Harlow.

We were out again delivering copies of the Harlow Sun, which keeps all the residents up to date with the good news going on in their area. Rob had some great quotes in the paper from the Prime Minister saying how much of an asset he is.

Lunch in Harlow didn't disappoint, it was one of the best that has been had on a RoadTrip. There was also some great cakes.

Rob then gave a great speech thanking us all for coming. Rob is one of the kindest MPs in the country and he showed this over lunch.

And then we went out for the all important photos.

The photos outside were greeted by supportive beeps of horns from a number of drivers who then waved at us. Everyone wants to keep Harlow blue and Rob as an MP.

Sam and #ThingsElliottSays also got a special photo with Rob for Jane Hunt in Nottingham South. Jane has come out and backed Rob's great campaign to 'Stop The Hospital Car Parking Rip Off' and Rob has kindly offered help. Thanks Rob.

It was then off to do more campaigning for Rob in the afternoon.

There were however some naughty gnomes spotted in Harlow by activists.

And then to the pub.

Thanks goes to the organisers and Rob Halfon for putting on a great day for us all.

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