Friday, 5 September 2014

Exclusive: CF Left In Shock After National Exec Does Something

CF has been left in shock this evening as the national exec of CF prove they are doing something by sending out an email to all CF members.* This is a good sign that we're entering an age where CF actually amounts to something.

CF has historically had a problem of people chasing titles and doing sod all once they are in their roles. This problem has meant that previous national executives have done very little, although there have been some decent people on the national committee from time to time. #TeamPaterson promised to end this and actually be in contact with all CF members about what is going on. This email proves that they are keeping to this promise.

The new CF National Exec is actually doing something.

These CF emails will be sent bi-weekly and keep members up to date about what is going on. A special place is reserved for details about RoadTrips and any other big campaigns going on across the country.

One email does not mean a revolution, but keeping in contact with CF members is something that no other national CF chairman has achieved. Paterson is therefore very much on the right path and will hopefully continue actually doing work. If this continues CF will get a boost in it's standing in the Conservative Party.

*If you have not received an email contact  Stephen Canning (, it is probably Merlin's fault again.

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