Monday, 22 September 2014

Exclusive: Harlow Labour PPC Falsely Claims Thatcher's Legacy On Apartheid Was 'Shocking'

The Labour PPC for Harlow has falsely claimed on Twitter that Thatcher's legacy on 'Apartide [sic] was shocking'.

Suzy Stride, who Ed Miliband wants in the House of Commons in 2015, has said this despite a great deal of evidence that Thatcher was very much against Apartheid. Nelson Mandela and Thatcher had a very good relationship on the world stage, for example. There are documents that show Thatcher lobbied for the release of Mandela in the 1980s. Furthermore, Mandela went on the record and said of Margaret Thatcher “She is an enemy of apartheid… We have much to thank her for.”

I wonder what the rest of Labour think of Suzy's false accusations of Margaret Thatcher.

It is surprising and shocking that a Labour PPC holds such 'shocking' and false views on Margaret Thatcher. It is even more disturbing to find that Suzy is a major player in Labour as she gave a speech at their conference this year. How much further will the Left's hatred of Thatcher continue into the land of nonsense? Even the Guardian believes that Thatcher was anti-apartheid.

Suzy Stride's statement has been challenged on Twitter:

Perhaps Suzy Stride should publicly apologise on Twitter for her shameful and incorrect comments.

A public apology is needed.

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