Thursday, 25 September 2014

Fresher's Fair At UoN

#ThingsElliottSays has been helping at NUCA's stall at the University of Nottingham's Fresher's Fair. Overall it was a really good few days with lot's of new fresher's signed up and they are eager to experience a port filled evening of debating on Friday 3rd October.

Our stand, by far the best of all the political societies in #ThingsElliottSay's biased opinion, was pretty busy throughout. It was well decorated by pictures of Mrs Thatcher, Boris, the national flag and later a picture of Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich*.

The Lib Dems were also out in force, trying to save their society from near collapse. #ThingsElliottSays' house-mate, Seb the Lib Dem President, was on the stall constantly trying to sign up enough members to keep his group affiliated with the SU. Only time will tell to see if it has worked. Good luck.

The Greenies were also there. For all their recycling mantra they had the most paper on their stall and binned the most things after the fair ended. They also got very angry with Labour telling them "You should be ashamed, you're splitting the left-wing vote." The last time I looked Labour were the largest left-wing party Greenies, mind you facts are not their forte.

They did have a very funny sign though.

And then there was Labour. Most of their committee is pretty nice, #ThingsElliottSays love's the banter. Lab Soc members are always welcome to NUCA Port and Policies and to join the society to get cheaper attendance rates. It's always better where the Tories are.

*This was to make up for Labour not displaying a single picture of their dear leader. #ThingsEllliottSays wonders why this is.


  1. Labour aren't left wing.

  2. left unity are left

  3. A white privileged cis gendered middle class male giving their opinion about stuff despite lacking life experience....shock horror. Small man syndrome.