Thursday, 31 July 2014

Stephen Canning Hands Over Eastern Region To Cllr Tom Hunt

Stephen Canning the Eastern Region Chair, but better known for his leading roles in Towie and Made in Chelsea, has today officially handed over the Eastern Region CF website, twitter, Facebook and newsletter to Tom Hunt.

Stephen is standing in the up and coming CF elections and wants to make sure that he gains no unfair advantage over anyone wants to stand against him as Deputy Chairman (Political). Stephen ran for this position last year but narrowly missed out, he is thus having another go this August.

Stephen handing over control of the Eastern Region Facebook account.

Stephen has a lot of experience in politics. As well as running Eastern CF he is a well respected councillor in Braintree where he chairs the youth strategy board. Stephen is a management consultant and also a very keen marathon runner. He also announced today he will be running in the London Marathon for Tommy's, the baby charity. You can donate to his run here

Tom and Stephen in Braintree.

Stephen has handed over the running of all the Eastern Region accounts to my good friend Tom Hunt, who ran as an MEP in the European Elections earlier this year. Tom has said to #ThingsElliottSays "I will be assuming temporary control of Eastern Region CF's social media accounts and newsletter until after the upcoming CF elections as Stephen will be standing in the election and would not like to gain an unfair advantage."

Good luck Stephen in the CF Elections.


  1. Someone who treats data with respect. I like that.

  2. Canning = good guy

  3. He is useless with money.