Wednesday, 16 July 2014

More Government Investment In Nottingham

It has recently been announced on the Nottingham Post that there is to be mass investment by the Conservative led Government in and around Nottingham. I've already talked about how the Government has put in £43.2 million into the re-development of Nottingham Train Station, but now much greater investment is a foot in Nottingham.

Jane Hunt, Conservative MP candidate for Nottingham South, with the Party Chairman, Grant Shapps MP, at Nottingham Train Station.

The Conservatives in Government through the Local Growth Fund are spending over the next six year £172 million in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Of this amount £49.8 million will be directly spent in Nottingham. The biggest receiver of the Nottingham chunk will be the Nottingham skills hub which will receive £30 million, half of the total budget for the project. The skills hub will be placed East of the Broadmarsh centre on derelict land and is planning to teach students lace making, baking, hairdressing, event management and many more skills on the large choices of courses set to be offered. In total the project will also create 490 new jobs.

£60 million Skills Hub half funded by the Conservative led Government to be built in the great city of Nottingham. 

Another major winner in Nottingham has been the development at the Broadmarsh Southern Gateway which has received £10.3 million from the Government. This money will help create 3,000 jobs in Nottingham, a real triumph. Other projects to get money from the Conservatives in Government include £6.5 million to expand Nottingham's BioCity, creating 200 jobs, and £3 million to invest in cycling infrastructure across the city.

Jane out about in Nottingham.

Jane Hunt, the Conservative MP candidate for Nottingham South, has supported massively all this new Government investment in Nottingham. She has also been very pleased that the city has been allowed to spend some of the money from the city growth funds upfront.

The Conservatives are building a stronger economic future for the workers of Nottingham.

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