Thursday, 31 July 2014

Fletcher Apologises

After a bit of bluster on Facebook Cllr Sam Fletcher has come out to apologise about what he said about #ThingsElliottSays on the blog's comments and on Facebook. To see the full extent of what Cllr Fletcher had said click here.

Fletcher apologised on Facebook last night saying:

"“Libel” was the wrong word to use, which I do apologise for. You were indiscreet in my opinion.

"What I meant was that another individual was indiscreet for taking a screen-shot of a private message on Facebook and posting it on Twitter, and then you in turn were indiscreet, in my opinion, for using that screenshot on your blog.

"Also, I don't believe that you were breaking the law or employing criminal practices and I don't and didn't mean to suggest that. So I apologise for making that impression, if I did.

"Rather I meant that you used indiscreet practices, in my opinion, and you used a screen-shot of a private Facebook message that had been indiscreetly taken and then Tweeted, in my opinion. The comparison to the former News Of The World newspaper was ill thought-out.

"If you have the impression that I’ve intentionally sought to “libel” you, by claiming that you’ve “libeled” me, or that I’ve “lied” about you by claiming that you’ve broken the law or employed criminal practices, then I sincerely apologise for that.

"I was simply annoyed at what I saw and continue to see as your indiscreet journalism and making an article obtained via a source who had himself been indiscreet, in my opinion. That is the point I was attempting to make.

"I hope this clarifies the situation suitably."

#ThingsElliottSays is personally baffled too as why Cllr Feltcher views using public tweets as 'indiscreet'. However #ThingsElliottSays does not think he properly understood the difference between private and public use of technology anyway considering he announced an adulterous affair on Facebook.

As far as the lies Cllr Fletcher has told about me with any legal implication I consider this case closed.


  1. Johnson's Dry Cleaners31 July 2014 at 13:57

    Thanks for the update, Elliott. We've taken on extra staff in anticipation of the effects of another public shaming of Cllr Fletcher.

  2. Samuel, don't talk about those sluts from Bradford, there's a good fellow!