Thursday, 3 July 2014

Obama 'The Worst US President Since WW2'

It is Independence Day tomorrow so time for an American story. It is official, in a poll done by Quinnipiac University 33% of US voters registered Obama as 'the worst US President since WW2'. Not like we needed a poll to say that anyway.

Obama is having a very bad time at the moment with dodgy international decisions over the current situation in Iraq and mixed messages coming for the US economy. This news should not come as any surprise at this moment in time then. In the same poll Obama was given a -15% rating on 'handling the economy', -10% on 'foreign policy', -18% on 'healthcare', and -7% rating on 'terrorism'. At least he is doing better than Ed Miliband.

Even worse for President Obama is that 45% of American voters said that it would have been better if Mitt Romney had won the 2012 elections, with 38% disagreeing. Furthermore, 54% of voters do not believe his 'administration has been competent in running the country'. Although Obama has to stand down in 2016, I'm sure he is very pleased to know that those voters who put him over the line in 2012 now believe they made a terrible decision. I wonder what people would say of all those 'hope' posters now?

Other Presidents of the United States that received a lot of votes for the title of 'worst US President since WW2' were George W. Bush, with 28%, Richard Nixon, with 13% of the vote, and Jimmy Carter, with 8%. 

However, in more positive news, the late Ronald Reagan looking down upon the world must be very happy with his legacy. 35% of American voters think Reagan was 'the best US President since WW2'. Clearly ending the Cold War and running a decent economy during the 1980s still goes down well with American voters. Nut this should come as no surprise as Reagan carried 49 out of 50 states in the 1984 US Presidential elections.

I'm sure Obama is very pleased with these results. Maybe history will look kinder on him. Maybe.

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