Thursday, 3 July 2014

Exclusive: Tube Trip 2015

Tube Trip 2015, an obvious spin off from Road Trip 2015, has now been set up. It aims to get London 100s CFers campaigning across, and just outside, the capital en masse in order to win very important marginal seats.

The Road Trip to Enfield North brought over 130 Conservative foot soldiers to the North of London.

London has a lot of marginal seats the Conservatives need to win to form the next government. Hampstead and Kilburn for example is the most marginal seat in the country with a Labour majority of only 42. But there are lots of others connected to the tube. Brentford and Isleworth, Enfield North, Hendon, Watford, Sutton and Cheam are all seats the Conservatives need to take or hold to win the next General Election.

The Conservatives need to win more seats in London than they did in 2010. Will Tube Trip 2015 hold the answer?

I predict this to be very successful. There are great Thatchers* of Conservatives up and down London. Hundreds of activists are ready and able to leaflet and canvass the most marginal places. All they need is direction, and that will be given by Tube Trip 2015.

Road Trip founder Mark Clarke found in the background on John Major's defeat speech in 1997.

The same successful principles of Road Trip 2015 applies. Campaign, free curry, party. The only difference is this time instead of minibuses and trains all campaigners will need is an Oyster Card, which everyone in London has. Transport is a lot easier and with London prices being so high a free curry worth a lot. I suspect that Tube Trip 2015 will take place a bit more often than its bigger brother Road Trip 2015 as well. All in all expect there to be a mass take up, I bet the Lib Dems and Labour are a bit nervous.

This should also be a revolution for London CF in general. A fair percentage of CFers in the capital
boast about never leaving zone 2. Getting these people to campaign as far 'north' as Watford or Enfield North is a milestone.

Bring on Tube Trip 2015. The first stop is Croydon Central with Gavin Barwell MP on the 19th July. Like there Facebook page here.

*The official name for a group of Conservatives.

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