Thursday, 24 July 2014

Exclusive: It Is Sad SJ 'Has Taken To Negative Blog Comments'

Friends of Sarah Jane Sewell have contacted #ThingsElliottSays to try warn her against standing as National CF Chairman. They have told #ThingsElliottSays they have become concerned about Sarah Jane's use of 'negative blog comments' online.

One SJ friend has said to #ThingsElliottSays "Sarah Jane has taken to negative blog comments. Not really something I would do. I will vote for her when there is next a CF election but it doesn't seem like a good decision to stand."

Another one of these friends told #ThingsElliottSays "personally I think the blogosphere may have been harsh on Sarah Jane at certain times but very sadly she has also been extremely negative. Sarah Jane is and is getting some of her friends to post negative comments on blogs about CF to do down the opposition. This is the only campaigning she is doing apart from speaking to the odd person in London. SJ's negative comments really go against everything that she says she stands for."

Sarah Jane has posted before on Facebook statements against negative campaigning and has also similarly said in her last election campaign 'don't trust words, trust actions.'

#ThingsElliottSays was told by Sarah Jane's friend that "I really do not think it would be a good idea for her to stand as it would be the end of her in politics. Certainly the negative campaigning she has done de-legitimises any moral case she has to stand. I'd never back away from my friend, but sometimes it is best to guide them in the right direction if they are being stubborn."


  1. You're a cunt Elliott.

    1. Takes one to know one.

  2. Have you asked or referenced where you have got photographs from?
    Because without permission I don't think you really have the right to use them