Thursday, 24 July 2014

Exclusive: 'Road Trip Is The Future' - Senior Conservatives

The Conservative Party has always had a problem with campaigning. It is often done slightly dysfunctionally and in the safest areas. But the highest level of the party have now come to realise that 'Road Trip is the future' as it has transformed the orthodox view on campaigning.

#ThingsElliottSays sources have reported that senior officials in the Conservatives are impressed with the revolutionary RoadTrip2015. The phrase of the month is 'Road Trip is the future'. 

Road Trip in Harlow with the legendary Rob Halfon MP.

It is not hard to see why this is. No other campaign organisation can get at least 100 activists to travel to any part of the country. No other campaigning organisation is 100% grass-roots organised, a political parties dream. No other campaign organised has such success in changing the minds of voters. If you want evidence of the impact of RoadTrip2015 look to the marginal seat of Great Yarmouth where polling shows the Conservatives are now first on 34%. And this poll was carried out around a month after Road Trip went to Great Yarmouth. It's more than co-incidental. 

Road Trip in Great Yarmouth

But RoadTrip2015 does still face some problems according to those at the top of the Party. RoadTrip2015 attracts a lot of activists, far much more than the 6-20 people Labour have been getting on their centrally planned 'national campaign days'. But there is potential for RoadTrips to double or maybe even triple the number of attendees. Road Trip is mainly made up of CFers and yet out of the thousands of them of them up and down a country only the most active fraction ever attend. No one can expect everyone in CF to go on Road Trips but CF as an organisation with the ability to contact thousands of people up and down the country hasn't really been pushing RoadTrip2015. 

The Conservatives are out campaigning Labour by far.

Understandably the party wants this to change. The Party is looking for CF to evolve to work with RoadTrip. They want the head honchos of CF to be an integral part of RoadTrip2015. These top level Conservatives are absolutely right for once. We need to win the general election and the best weapons we have must be used. Working with Road Trip will also be very easy. Road Trip campaigns, parties and helps people get experience with the Tories. Everything CF should be doing but at the moment isn't covering all bases.

If we want CF to do its job and not become an irrelevance we need to embrace the future and make sure the CF executive is totally behind those helping RoadTrip2015.

Road Trip in Enfield.


  1. "They want the head honchos of CF to be an integral part of RoadTrip2015"

    I'm sure the organisers of RoodTrip2015 are running for the hills.

  2. I went on the RoadTrip to Newark, despite never having been on any Tory thing ever before. I have been at uni for years and am about to start a PHD but have never even heard of CF until this. How are they the official youth wing of the Tories and not the roadTrippers?

    I would now consider myself a Tory after the Newark and Portmouth roadtrips, and have so far convinced about 20 people in my native Gloucester (a tight seat!!) to vote Tory too, all thanks to RoadTrip!!!