Thursday, 24 July 2014

Exclusive: YI Chairman Told To 'Resign'

#ThingsElliottSays can reveal that Jack Duffin is about to enter a political crisis. #ThingsElliottSays has been contacted by several members of YI who are now telling Duffin to 'Resign'. One of these members includes a senior YI member close to a former chairman, and no it is not Olly Neville.

The senior YI source has told #ThingsElliottSays "We're getting fed up with Duffin's dictatorial rule. It is not just anyone loosely identified as a 'libertarian' but people who the YI Chair and his cronies think are not 100% behind him. Friends of mine are being harassed for no reason apart from Jack's paranoia. I no longer think he should be Chairman."

'Sinister' Duffin told to 'Resign'.

Another YI memember has told #ThingsElliottSays "support for Colonel Gaduffin is at an all time low; not that it was very high in the first place. I feel bullied in this party and only stay in because of Nigel. Jack is pushing a lot of people out."

Notnigel has also come back to #ThingsElliottSays and said "Duffin has backed down over his calls for a full-time YI chair after pressure from TBG, TES and YI members who were strictly against the idea. His number one manifesto pledge is now in pieces - he must RESIGN!"

Duffin has admitted to YI members that the YI Council have decided his 'the role [of chairman] will not be paid'. This means that Duffin could not get the funding promised by the NEC to pay for his role during the election. Duffin has thus had to ask the YI Council to see if they could or find money to pay for his salary. Both the YI Council and the NEC have left Duffin out in the cold. Looks like he has a lot of friends at the moment.

Duffin is equally having problems in filling slot at the YI conference where several leading members have pulled out. The new conference agenda shows that Duffin himself is filling in several of the holes and so is presumably unable to find any replacements.

It's not looking good. An anonymous whisper soon grows into public clamour.


  1. It's quite pitiful really isn't it? You have one source in YI who has a vendetta against Duffin just because he's getting somewhere with driving YI forward, yet this source is too scared to reveal who he or she is - maybe they should resign from YI instead since they clearly feel bitter about YI's progress so far this year.

  2. Who are these sources? Surely they'd be willing to come out and support their cause?

    I'd love to hear what else they have to say about this group.

  3. It's funny that someone is slamming Duffin for being a dictator yet is staying in the party because of Farage who runs uKIP with an iron fist

  4. Personal remarks should be left aside, as is proper in politics and for all members of political parties who should be working together towards a common aim.

    The fact is that Jack Duffin is the most successful National Chairman of Young Independence in the history of UKIP's youth wing. He has delivered a national membership that now stands at around 2,500, with regional branches that are stronger than ever and more active Y.I. societies on university campuses than ever before.

    All this personal sniping and anonymous knife-sharpening is the reason why lots of ordinary people don't get involved in party youth wings or political parties generally.

    Samuel Fletcher.