Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Exclusive: Nigel Set To Come Save YI Chairman

Nigel Farage is booked to make an appearance at the YI conference in order to save the bacon of the organisations chairman, Jack Duffin. The YI Chairman has recently been under attack by his members for his dictatorial ways, many of them are asking for Duffin to resign.

If you look at the YI conference agenda, which recently had to be re-worked due to many MEPs pulling out, you can see there is a gap between 11:00 and 11:15. This could obviously be filled with Duffin giving a Nuremberg style speech to his loyal followers. But it is more likely that this slot has been reserved for someone special.

Speculation in YI has been growing about who will fill this TBC slot. Of course the obvious choice is Nigel Farage as he has been to many YI conferences before hand and is UKIP's charismatic leader. This has now been confirmed as true by one of #ThingsElliottSays' YI sources, this one in particular has links to the organising committee of the conference. The YI source said "Nigel is confirmed as coming to the YI conference. He will have to come and save Duffin's chairmanship as there is a lot of disquiet about him; not many are willing to speak out atm but this still feeds Duffin's paranoia. The blogs have put pressure on him too. If Nigel pulls out then it shows how much faith he has in Duffin. Zero."

'Sinister' Duffin has been told to resign by his members.

#ThingsElliottSays has also heard from Cllr Sam Fletcher that there will be a protest organised outside of the YI conference. The protest will be made up of the usual UKIP haters but also crucially several ex-YI members. How many more of these people are likely to turn up now that they know Nigel Farage is coming? I wonder.

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