Monday, 21 July 2014

Exclusive: 'Heseltine' SJ Gets No Support For Election Campaign

Over the weekend Sarah Jane Sewell, who is so far the only person to announce that they will stand as national CF chairman, was out in full campaigning mode after the Tube Trip to Croydon. Sadly for her she received no support from the hundred plus activists, with one telling #ThingsElliottSays she is like 'Michael Hesletine'.

A source has told #ThingsElliottSays "Sarah Jane came over to me to ask for support. I asked her why she was already campaigning? She replied that she really wanted to beat Oliver Cooper who was apparently 'destroying CF'. I told her that was nonsense and she left looking very angry. She is becoming like Michael Heseltine really."

Sarah Jane signing the infamous 'a Conservative and Unionist pledge' at the last CF elections. Shame she broke all the promises in it.

Another #ThingsElliottSays' source has claimed that SJ is getting 'desperate'. The source said "She asked me to support her even though she knew I thought she was the biggest problem in CF. She must have been getting 'desperate' to find support."

#ThingsElliottSays saw Sarah Jane talk to lots of people about her standing as CF Chairman that night and also have a fair few arguments with people at Tube Trip. It doesn't look like her campaign is going well.

#ThingsElliottSays actually went to speak to Sarah Jane too, the first time for almost a year. I asked SJ not to stand as it would 'embarrass' herself and do her real damage in the future. I did this because I do not want someone I once considered a friend to have their life in politics totally ruined. Sarah Jane told me she would continue to stand, something I think is very sad.


  1. Comparing her to Heseltine is a compliment.

    As for you, you are a cantankerous, small cocked little boy with far too much to say for yourself. #whoareyou

  2. I think someone needs a rest in a darkened room for half an hour.

  3. "small cocked little boy" What a bizarre insult. Typical for cf. Maybe if you carry on he'll challenge you to a duel