Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Breaking News: Cooper Officially Announces He Will Not Re-Stand

The National CF Chairman has officially announced that he will no be re-standing in the up and coming CF Elections

Oliver Cooper Announced on Facebook:

"It's been a great honour for me to be National Chairman of Conservative Future for the last year. CF is the largest youth wing in the United Kingdom, and in the last year has become larger still: with 75% more university branches, with branches covering 40% more parliamentary constituencies, and with more members up and down the country than we've had at any point in our history. We also have a better image in the media, a higher profile internationally, and a stronger relationship with CCHQ than ever before.

"Most importantly, CF is having a greater impact on the campaign trail, from local and regional campaign days to the stellar success of RoadTrip2015. Our successes over the past year have been great, but the year leading up to a general election, is a new challenge, and these successes need to be built on with a new team. As such, despite so many people asking me to re-stand – which I still take as a form of flattery – I will not be seeking re-election as National Chairman.

"Both with gratitude for the past and confidence in the future, I'd like to thank everyone that's been involved in the last year to make our great organisation greater still. There will be elections over the next month to elect my successor and fill the other leadership positions; I will offer my unqualified support and assistance to whoever is elected, so CF can help make sure our country has a more Conservative future."

Cooper with CF Chair hopeful Alexandra Paterson.
In the opinion of #ThingsElliottSays Cooper has been the best CF Chairman in memory. This is further true for even some the grey bearded thirty year olds of Conservative Future. Oliver has been very successful in inspiring a lot of people and setting up a lot of branches across the country. 

But despite this giant leap forward made under Cooper there is still a lot to do. Apart from the gentleman that is Rob Manning, Oliver had to struggle with people on his committee who hated him for no reason other than paranoia. It is with relief these people are now gone and in all likelihood will not receive any office under a new administration. The focus for the new Chairman is to work with their much more agreeable committee which is prepared to actually do their roles. There role is to get out and campaign, especially as it is General Election year. We need to win in 2015, that is the objective.

Cooper has left behind a great legacy. But of course the most well known and perhaps the longest lasting will be him making CF #Sound and giving everyone an addiction to KFC.

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