Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Sarah Jane Sewell has again got herself into another scandal as she has blocked several senior Conservative Future members from being on the official Conservative Future Facebook Group. There are at least 6 senior CF members, not including #ThingsElliottSays, that have been blocked from the official Conservative Future group on Facebook.

These revelations have come after Sarah Jane panicked after seeing a TBG article about someone adding UKIPers for fun to the group and has now added other national exec officers as admins to the page. In doing so however she has incriminated herself in another scandal which proves she was the only one who could have kicked several prominent Conservative Future members off the official page.

Before the TBG article.

After the TBG article

An anonymous senior member of CF has come to #ThingsElliottSays saying "This is just another thing that SJ has done that proves she is not fit to be on the national executive of CF. I thought CF was a democracy not a dictatorship. The worst thing is several UKIP members have been on the page for years. Why are there UKIP members on the CF Group and yet some members of CF are deliberately excluded."

Some words of advice from Sarah Jane.

Sarah Jane's actions seem to go totally against what she signed in the 'A Conservative and Unionist Pledge' last January where she promised to 'promote transparency, openness and accountability throughout Conservative Future'.


  1. You are getting obsessed, please stop, calm down, and ask someone who can photoshop to fix your banner.

    1. Please don't stop, this is hilarious!

  2. She always likes bending truth She said that she went to an all girls school but I know for a fact guys went there too