Monday, 13 January 2014

#ThingsElliottSays on ITV News

The news that the Daily Mail broke yesterday because of #ThingsElliottSays information has now reached your television screens. ITV today has done a report on Pamela Preedy, UKIP Redcar Secretary, who attacked Stephen Lawrence and his mother Doreen on the official UKIP Party Forum. It seems UKIP are going to try and expel Pamela from the party for her disgusting views. I wonder how many more people need to be exposed for UKIP to come clean and say that a vast majority of their members hold views which are not acceptable in any society. Maybe another big release of evidence from my senior YI source? If UKIP want that they can have it.

Stay tuned Nigel because my Senior YI Source has another storm coming you way.

You can view the news report here

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